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The Talent Awakens: 16 Onboarding and Management Lessons From Star Wars

THE TALEN AWAKENS 16 ONBOARDING AND MANAGEMENT LESSONS FROM STAR WARS "Your focus determines The revered Jedi master spoke these striking words to the young padawan Anakin. Ultimately, Anakin's focus on negative emotions "No stormtrooper Clone stormtroopers were would dream of disobedience. genetically modified to eliminate individuality and establish unwavering loyalty to the Empire. This blind faith made for formidable soldiers, but at a steep price. No independent thought means no disruption of the status quo and no passion. your reality." GC-1000, one of the original Fett dlone troopers Qui-Gon Jinn led him to the dark side. LESSON I: The focus of leadership will ultimately determine the direction of the company. If management focuses exclusively on employee failures and shortcomings, this will create a negative workplace environment that saps creative energy and limits performance. Constructive feedback and genuine praise can help create a reality where everyone thrives. After all, compassion, enlightenment, and self-knowledge are paths to the light side. LESSON II: Individuality and passion trump sheer numbers. Han Solo's unrivaled expertise was initially purchased for a hefty sum. He wanted nothing more than to pad his pockets and pay off his looming debts. Of course, his wild and courageous adventures with the Rebels would sway his heart and give him purpose. He evolved from a scoundrel into an invaluable agent of the Rebellion. Passion is the future of work. With 87% of employees disengaged at work, companies that offer meaning and individual freedom will gain the edge. While skills can be taught, character and commitment cannot be cloned. LESSON II: Purpose can transform "scoundrels" into trustworthy talent. Through cunning and determination, the Rebels managed to obliterate the Death Star. This dazzling success sparked celebration across the entire galaxy and rallied the spirits of the Rebels. Han Solo became such a pivotal figure in the Rebellion because he found a purpose. According to a survey from Deloitte, 73% of employees who believed their workplace was "purpose-driven" were also engaged and attentive with their work. "Your eyes can deceive you. Don't trust them." Obi-Wan directs fledgling Jedi Luke to trust his instincts while practicing against a droid. This basic training becomes crucial in sensing danger and making choices of galactic proportions. LESSON IV: Celebrating achievements can keep the spirit of your brand alive. Obi-Wan Kenobi Celebrating individual and company-wide achievements can help establish a proactive company culture that is built on feedback and fun. Not only does this boost productivity, but it can also attract the right talent that will thrive at work naturally. The goals of the Rebels are firm and compelling: banish the Empire's tyranny and restore freedom to the galaxy. This vision united a squad of diverse talent that emerged successful despite all odds. LESSON V: 8* Data is an invaluable ally that should fortify (but never replace) human resource decisions. When managing individuals, intuition is crucial, especially in this data-driven age. In recruitment, it can help strike a balance between qualifications and cultural fit. in Darth Vader force-chokes subordinates who he LESSON VI: deems incompetent. This strikes fear into witnesses, but fear is less powerful than true loyalty. Vader is a bully, not a leader. A solid vision and transparent expectations will attract the right people to your team. Just as the Rebel insignia spurs hope and action, a unified brand image serves as a beacon for top talent. Ninety-two percent of companies use social media for recruiting, so it takes a consistent voice to cut through the noise. Employee advocacy is key for mastering the force of social media; they offer genuine, human glimpses into your company culture. The Workplace Bullying Institute reports that up to 30% of workers may be victims of abuse by workplace bullies. Not only is this deeply detrimental to the employee's physical and mental well-being, but it is bad for business. It can cause: • High turnover rates. LESSON VII: • Low productivity due to stress and lack of motivation. • Restricted innovation. The bully is more focused on their own advancement, and the victim will feel inhibited. Be mindful and intolerant of workplace bullies. "I find your lack As mentioned before, Darth Vader was a bully. He haphazardly crushed anyone who doubted his actions. This rigid, fear-driven approach stunted his growth as a leader and suppressed innovations that could have saved the Death Star. of faith disturbing." Darth Vader LESSON VIII: Ignoring employee feedback can drastically backfire. Make trust, not control, the driving force of your company culture. An open, collaborative environment will spark well-rounded ideas and help prevent oversights (like the Death Star's fatal flaw). There are more than 20 million sentient species known to the Star Wars galaxy. The vibrant, eccentric array of creatures and personalities is a big part of what makes the Star Wars universe so compelling and dynamic. Princess Leia's holographic message played a pivotal role in enlisting Obi-Wan Kenobi's help and triggering the revolution. This remote form of technology has shaped and chronicled galactic history. LESSON X: LESSON X: Embrace technology to create a more mobile and flexible work environment. Diversity leads to innovation. LLLI LL Lightsabers come in many colors, and Jedi come from many backgrounds. How does this translate to the business world? A diverse talent pool leads to diverse ideas Sixty-five percent of employees say that a flexible and remote work schedule boosts productivity. The same number believe that and strategies. A multi-faceted squad is a force to be reckoned with. A study by the University of Michigan revealed that teams of in-person meetings could be effectively replaced with the right technology. Flexible and mobile workplaces are the most appealing to today's top talent. With the right technology, a blended workplace can still have a thriving company culture built on communication and diverse problem-solvers outperformed teams of high-ability problem-solvers. collaboration. Luke was able to pinpoint the Death Star's vulnerable point by deactivating his targeting computer and trusting the Force. While he had guidance from a mentor, he acted independently and had faith in his abilities. Compelled by conviction and wisdom, Obi-Wan Kenobi was able to recruit the team that outmaneuvered the Empire and destroyed the Death Star. He sensed the potential in unlikely heroes like the swindling Han and the moisture-farming Luke. LESSON XI: Micromanaging limits employees; trust unlocks potential. It is impossible to take flight when tethered to strict supervision and protocol. Instead of demanding "by-the-book" methods, invite employees to seek new solutions. If employees feel as if they are valued and have a stake in the company's livelihood, they will work harder. LESSON XIl: Leverage each team member's expertise, and keep an eye out for untapped talents. Obi-Wan could be considered the ultimate recruiter. Consider this quote by Brian Halligan: "You can't outspend the giants, but you can out-think, out-teach, and out-help them."The Rebels were able to topple the Empire by embracing diversity and leveraging the unique expertise of each individual. The Alliance He looked beyond background and experience and focused on character instead. He also went beyond merely enlisting Luke; he continued to guide him in cultivating his power and rallying his morale. This is the essence of quality onboarding; Obi-Wan showed him HOW and WHY he must fight the Dark Side. Skills can be taught, but loyalty and engagement must be earned. was built for the people and by the people. This empowered each and every soldier to work hard. While the Empire viewed their troops as expendable pawns, the Alliance valued the input of every member. "Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not. For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Yoda was one of the most esteemed and powerful Jedi Masters in galactic history. He was often underestimated by his peers and adversaries due to only being 25 inches tall. His power was directly linked to his strong connection with the Force. Yoda LESSON XII: Ensure that every employee feels valued and capable of making an impact. More than ever, employees want to be more than just a cog in the machine. They want the ability to make a real difference and be recognized for it. Celebrate achievements, explain reasoning behind compensation, and honor the individuals behind the work. LESSON XIV: Darth Vader had a Experience is valuable, but personality is priceless. reputation for quickly and indiscriminately crushing failure. Any mistake led to death Never judge a résumé by the size. Skills can be taught, but the right attitude is priceless. A Harvard Business Review article, "The Future of Talent is Potential," states that a "paradoxical blend of fierce commitment together with deep personal humility" is key to success and adaptability. Seek out traits like determination, curiosity, and an eagerness to learn. A team sourced with these attributes will by asphyxiation. This created an organizational structure that lacked backbone or initiative. have the energy needed to adapt and grow. "A Jedi's training in the Force never Jedi undergo rigorous physical, mental, and spiritual training under the tutelage of a Master - often, it takes nearly two decades to become a full-fledged Knight. Even then, honing and practice never end. This is why Jedi are so formidable and versatile. They are perpetually im- mersing themselves in the Force. LESSON XV: ends." Zero tolerance for failure leads to Vodo-Siosk Baas distrust, stagnation, and high turnover rates. Mistakes are inevitable in any field. When handled with wisdom and patience, they can be transformed into fuel for progress. Employees should feel comfortable expressing mistakes, and managers should empower them to own them and learn from them. LESSON XVI: Power and innovation arise from a workplace that encourages active learning and development. JI The modern career is no longer defined by a rigid ascension of ranks. Professional paths are much more fluid, allowing people to gain a variety of skills and specialties. A multi-faceted employee driven by passion and interest will always be developing, and this growth will help propel the company forward. By empowering employees to pursue their full potential, the organization's wealth and depth of talent expands. Here are several ways to create a dynamic learning culture: • Cloud technology can make resources constantly available to employees; this fulfills the need for independence while fueling active learning. • Provide ongoing feedback so employees can adjust and grow. • Discover an employee's individual goals and align them with company needs. ornerstone Sources: realize your potential

The Talent Awakens: 16 Onboarding and Management Lessons From Star Wars

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With such daunting number of employees disengaged at work, it is essential that leaders and HR professionals strive to create an environment that has the power to awaken the "Force" within each and ev...


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