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Talent Adquisition

TALENT ACQUISITION HOW IT WORKS Vacancies advertised online rose by 232,000 in the month of June 2012, JOB OPENING bringing the total number of U.S. jobs posted online to 4,947,100. For companies seeking to hire qualified and talented candidates, sorting through the applicant pool can seem Despite the weak economy, the tech boom has created an environment where more like an ocean due to the vast number individuals can now find thousands of job of people applying. opportunities candidate pool has also increased exponen- online, however the CREATE QUESTIONS One of the questions from a Google Interview: "How many golf balls can fit in The first step for those companies looking to hire from today's candidate pool is to create technical questions. Technical questions are key to acquiring talented individuals that sync into challenging job roles. Walt Disney, Google, and Hewlett Packard are just a few major companies that utilize technical questions in their recruiting process.tially. a school bus?" 8- POST JOB AD PaidGrade leverage's the most popular recruiting sites for transparency and candidate outreach. sh CRAIGLIST/ LINKEDIN MONSTER SIMPLE HIRED Over 4 million In February 2011 Google received 75,000 job applica- Americans search for jobs online on the average day. tions in one week alone. A luite to Candidate Pool All Applicants are screened via the PaidGrade Talent Acquisition competition. The screen allows companies to evaluate potential and skill from more than just resume. HOST COMPETITION 5 Discover High Performance Candidates Competitions allow for clients to shrink the candidate pool, find and evaluate the most talented and qualified applicants and witness applicant potential and skill in real time. NFL Combine vs. Hackathon: Testing candidate potential is not a new concept, the NFL evaluates NFL Combine vs. Hackathon Testing candidate potential is not a new concept, the NFL evaluates talented potential players with the grueling annual Scouting combine testing all players in a real to evaluate and overall worth. Similar to the combine concept major tech companies like Google and Facebook use hackathons, programming competitions that pit talented programmers against one "yard dash, bench press, vertical jump and all The Social Network - "Welcome to Facebook", Jesse Eisenberg playing the role Mark Zuckerberg in Aaron Sorkin's "Social Network" used this same concept to find talented interns. After a 10 minute twist. time competition date potential hackathon with a unique Zuckerberg welcomed the most skilled programmer on to his team.people applying. shuttle in event. run one ADQUIRE TALENT "15 Google Interview Questions that will make you feel stupid". Carlson, Nicholas. 4 November 2009. Business Insider. HYPERLINK " -that-will-make-you-feel-stupid-2009-117op=1" questions-that-will-make-you-feel-stupid-2009-117op=1. Accessed 14 July 2012 "Pew Internet Project Data Memo". Boyce, Angie. Rainie, Lee. July 2002. HYPERLINK "' Accessed 14 July 2012. "Online Jobs Ads Report vs. Bureau of Labor Statistics Report: Half-full, Half-empty". Price, Michael. 6 July 2012. Science Careers Blog. HYPERLINK " job-ads-1.html" Accessed 14 July 2012 "Google Gets Record 75,000 Applications in a Week". Womack, Brian. 3 February 2011. HYPERLINK " job-ads-1.html" Accessed 14 July 2012 HYPERLINK ' -job-applications-in-one-week-topping-record-set-in-07.html" -02-03/google-gets-75-000-job-applications-in-one-week-topping-record-set-in-07.html Accessed 14 July 2012 "NFL Draft 2013". HYPERLINK "' Acessed 14 July 2012. PaidGrade" beta The Performance Network dasignad by 25monalisas

Talent Adquisition

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How it works talent adquisition. Help businesses create and host competitive competitions to filter talent for hiring. Help schools create a gamified classroom to engage students and make learning mor...


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