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Taking a Gamble on Display

TAKING A GAMBLE * ON DISPLAY• Although the Google Display Network reaches 90% of internet users, most companies still don't take the gamble on display due to the risk of of little return. However, there are many ways display targeting methods can fine tune activity so budget is spent on 100 the most relevant users and increased conversion. Google Display Network reaches (90* of internet users DISPLAY RATING KEYWORDS Target users who visit sites containing relevant keywords Campaigns that use keyword 0.20% targeting have one of the REACH CTR RELEVANCE highest CTRS of over 0.20% Pros: Cons: Appearing on relevant websites using keyword A E targeting can increase conversions by up to Be careful: even though the content sites may be poor quality or even dafame your brand relevant some 17% alone AFFINIΙTY DISPLAY RATING 10 7 4 阳 9 AUDIENCES (1000 Target users based on their long- term interests and lifestyle REACH CTR RELEVANCE Pros: Cons: Reach wider pool of people and target competitor customers A long term interest in a product does not mean users are looking to book now IN MARKET AUDIENCES DISPLAY RATING Target users who are actively researching and intending to buy products and services now 8 Reach 7 CTR 7 Relevance View through conversion rates can be up to 300% higher than affinity. (10(10(100 Cons: Pros: Unknown if these users have Much higher likelihood to convert already booked - wasted spend PLACEMENTS DISPLAY RATING Target users with a predefined list of websites chosen • 8 • 3 CPCS can be over 40% higher here than average 40% REACH CTR RELEVANCE Pros: Cons: Specific targeting means you can tailor your ad to certain websites Can be expensive to target and reduces reach DISPLAY RATING SIMILAR AUDIENCES Target users who have same demographic and interest profile as your customers REACH CTR RELEVANCE Pros: Cons: Target users similar to customers who converted very recently Just because these users have similar profiles to your customers does not mean they are interested in your product aswell REMARKETING DISPLAY RATING 10 10 TARGET USERS WHO HAVE ALREADY BEEN ON SITE BUT HAVE NOT YET MADE A BOOKING 2. CTR for remarketing ads are three times higher than the average banner advert I REACH CTR RELEVANCE Pros: Cons: Best conversion rate out of all targeting methods. Remarketing users already show high intent to purchase and are familiar with your brand Reach can be very limited TOPICS DISPLAY RATING Target users based on themes of sites they visit 3 REACH CTR RELEVANCE Cons: CTR can be 26% lower than other targeting methods 26% Pros: Easy to scale out campaign and increase reach Cons: OTHER CONSIDERATIONS . EXCLUDE FREQUENCY Creatives Types of sites that are peor quality er net relevant eg error pages, in gaming there has been a 12% increase in total website page views YOY, so tweak settings to ensure your ads don't hit the same person too often. Make them as simple, relevant and eye catching as possible - the average user sees 1,700 ads per month! Source: add mustard @add_mustard hng:/ in addmustard "Created by 34 O 36 2 to 1 2 to 1 I 01 3

Taking a Gamble on Display

shared by addmustard on Aug 22
The next in our series of monthly infographics is on the topic of Display Marketing, a channel that not many advertisers understand the full potential of. Vicki Gore, SEM Strategy Director, created t...




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