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Symptoms of a malfunctioning crankshaft harmonic balancer

CERRONE'S european Symptoms of a Malfunctioning Crankshaft Harmonic Balancer There are several components in the engine and the crankshaft harmonic balancer is one of them which is a very important component of the engine. Arguably the crankshaft harmonic balancer is one of the most important components of the engine because if it malfunctions then it is going to affect the performance of the engine. However, there are certain signs exhibited by the crankshaft harmonic balancer when it malfunctions and it is imperative that you know about them. Here are the signs of a malfunctioning crankshaft harmonic balancer of your car. Misaligned timing marks www The harmonic balancer used in cars are designed with two pieces of metal and has a rubber layer in between them to absorb the vibrations. When the layers separate or slip, the timing | marks are usually stamped into the front of the pulley and can shift & throw off the placement of the timing marks. This makes it difficult to properly time the engine with the timing light and the misaligned timing marks are also one of the symptoms of the harmonic balancer failure. One of the most common symptoms that you will experience during a harmonic balancer failure is engine vibration. Vibration of the engine The harmonic balancer's priority is to absorb the engine vibrations and when the harmonic balancers become old or malfunctions, then it can no longer absorb the vibrations originating from the engine. Moreover, the shaking becomes more violent with the passage of time and it becomes dangerous to drive the car at high speeds. If the dampener is not able to absorb the crankshaft vibrations, then the force emitted from the engine in the form of these vibrations start to damage the transmission. Transmission damage Furthermore, the force of these vibrations can take a toll on the input shaft, bearings, gears and on other components of the transmission system. Consequently, cars which are equipped with a large displacement engine and manual transmission are at risk because their gears in the differential can get damaged. The crankshaft harmonic balancer plays a crucial role in upholding the performance and smooth running of Conclusion your car.. However, if you come across the above-mentioned symptoms, then take your car to an automotive repair shop to fix the crankshaft harmonic balancer.

Symptoms of a malfunctioning crankshaft harmonic balancer

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Apart from the engine and the transmission, there are many important parts in your car that play a crucial role in the smooth running of the car. Some of these parts also help your engine in its effic...


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