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Symptoms of a cracked engine block in your car

REVOLUTION AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES, INC. SYMPTOMS OF A CRACKED ENGINE BLOCK IN YOUR CAR When your car starts to lose power and acts strangely, then it is always related to issues in the engine. There is more possibility of a cracked engine block in your car which requires the hands of a professional to be fixed. HERE ARE SOME OF THE COMMON SYMPTOMS SHOWN BY A CAR DUE TO A CRACKED ENGINE BLOCK. ANTIFREEZE IN OIL It mostly happens that the antifreeze mixes with the circulating engine oil when the engine block has a deep enough crack in the engine block. When antifreeze is contaminated with oil, an odor is produced with a visible smoke exiting the exhaust. OIL IN ANTIFREEZE A major sign of a cracked engine block is when you can see the engine's antifreeze has mixed with the oil. A cracked block can cause the circulating engine antifreeze to mix with passing engine oil. LOW ENGINE COMPRESSION • Engine compression is the result of engine combustion which is housed within the engine cylinders located within the engine block. • A crack in the engine block can be the cause of low compression and resulting in poor engine performance. ENGINE SMOKE Smoke coming out of the engine is not a usual sight and needs to be checked immediately. • Smoke from an engine is normally caused by a severely cracked engine block. VISUAL CHECK A routine visual vehicle inspection can sometimes be enough to find a cracked engine block. When your engine is clean and free from excess dirt or grime a visual inspection could be enough to spot a problem. ENGINE OVERHEATING • Engine overheating will occur when a cracked engine block allows engine antifreeze to leak, which cause the engine temperature to rise. • Engine antifreeze travels within an engine block around the combustion chambers and restricts overheating of the engine.

Symptoms of a cracked engine block in your car

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The engine is the most important part of your car as it plays a crucial role in the smooth running and performance of your vehicle. The engine is supported by many other parts in your car for its effi...


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