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Switching Channels: The Evolution of Television, Binge Watching, and Advertising

Switching Channels The Evolution o Television Binge Watching & Advertising Looking at the latest trends in TV and media consumption History of TV and Media Consumption 1927 Philo Farnsworth designs 1st TV 1941 FCC authorizes commercial broadcasting. NBC ran the 1st TV commercial with a 10-second Bulova commercial 1948 Cable TV originates in the U.S. (Arkansas, Oregon, and Pennsylvania) 1972 HOME Charles Dolan & Gerald Levin launch the nation's 1st pay TV network - Home Box Office (HBO) 1994 DIRECTV DirecTV becomes the 1st satellite TV system 1997 NET FLIX Reed Hastings & Marc Randolph co-found Netflix, offering online mail-rental DVD services in 1998 1999 TIVO TiVo creates the 1st digital video recorder (DVR) ON DEMAND A 000 Cable companies include video on demand, subscription video on demand, and interactive TV You Tube 2005 Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim found YouTube 2007-08 Netflix, Apple TV, and Hulu offer streaming services NETFLIX 2010 TAK Netflix becomes available on Apple devices, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and TV set-top boxes 2013 HOUSE of CARDS Netflix begins original programming with House of Cards 2016 50.8% of U.S. population consumed digital TV Generational Media Preferences Baby Boomers Gen X Millennials Prefer watching live Value ability to stream Most likely to record and watch shows on DVR to avoid commercials programming on their TV set shows on mobile devices anytime and anywhere Discover TV programs by: Discover TV programs by: Discover TV programs by: TV Ads TV Ads Word-Of-Mouth 85% 80% 77% Loyalty to Networks Word-Of-Mouth TV Ads 79% 79% 66% Channel Surfing Loyalty to Networks Loyalty to Networks 72% 76% 64% Subscription services Subscription services Subscription services Cable TV Cable TV Netflix 49% 58% 68% Satellite TV Netflix Cable TV 32% 38% 62% Amazon Prime Amazon Prime Amazon Prime 25% 35% 49% Culture of Binge Watching What is Binge Watching? Watching multiple episodes of a TV program in one sitting or over a short period of time of Americans binge 70% watch TV shows Average number of episodes per binge session: 5 episodes Who are the Binge Watchers? Baby Boomers Gen X Millennials 58% 76% 84% How Frequent? At least once a week: 31% At least once a month: 40% At least every 6 months: 24% Which Streaming Service? NETFLIX hulu (2015) (2016) 42.5B Total hours of programming streamed 700M 75M 12M Total subscriber count 568 hrs Total hours streamed per subscriber 58 hrs Which Shows? GAME THRONES WÄLKING DEAD Protty Little Liars 3.8M demand expressions/day Game of Thrones The Walking Dead 4.7M demand expressions/day 7.2M demand expressions/day "FLASH WESTWORLD Wostworld The Flash 3.5M demand expressions/day 3.1M demand expressions/day Impact On Advertisers 66% of viewers prefer subscription video on-demand (SVOD) services for their commercial-free option Viewers are watching less live TV and opting for their DVR and other subscription services Advertisers rely on live viewership to measure linear ad views and generate TV ad revenues 79% of subscribers would pay more for ad-free streaming if Netflix introduced ads - 44% would pay $1-3 more for their monthly subscription TV Projected TV vs. Digital Ad Spending Digital $68.8B 2015 $59.8B $71.2B 2016 $72.0B $72.7B 2017 $82.8B $74.5B 2018 $93.1B $76.0B 2019 $103.3B $77.9B 2020 $113.1B Cross-Channel Video Advertising - In-stream video ads • Incorporate 15-30 second pre-roll video ads before the video • Feature strong CTAS early in the ad to maximize exposure • Direct traffic to relevant landing pages and use remarketing codes to deliver targeted ads ONLINE Display video ads • Use advanced audience targeting to display relevant video content within banner ads and text links • Align video content with targeted user interests and websites PLAY SHARE Mobile video ads • Run actionable, 15-30 second video ads that adapt to different screen sizes • Code in HTML5 VPAID to run interactive videos regardless of device, screen size or most in-app environments Programmatic TV ads • Create video content to be flexible with all screen sizes (connected TV, linear TV, and TV outlets) • Use advanced audience data to target niche segments already engaged with related videos References httpmashablecom/201S/OV04tv-modia-tach-cos/ evolution-tvover-last 20yeors OG/ https//wwwomarkoter.comarticeFint-Tima-Moro-Than-HafofAmericans-wil-watch-Stroaming Tot 3543 https/wwwnpecom/Imaga/20/20contentDiscoveryasarchaospaf Htehlsigscom/odalvidee-generation-/ httoodndefymedacom/wp-contont/uploads/2016/04/DERY MEDIA-nomen-routh Video Dietodt httos//www2delottecom/us/envpoges/technology-medie and telecommunications/orticles/digital-democr acyurvay-generational-meda-consumoton-trandshtm Brought to you by: ansserythenetfeaddictionb_6473004 koeppeldirect httpmecom DCnectxhour per day Hteswwwhuucom/pres/sbout MULTI-CHANNEL DIRECT RESPONSE" 490/whathapoenswhenthe price-off 0o goosupyoutbes-about-to-tnd-out ons-nawest-original-show-bring-tved-stresming /205/fel/05/hatfsubarption-serices taleviionadireven video-on-damand-what-tmoans-to broadcasters and advetisor/ https/wwwemerkcomartice/US Spending-Surpess-TV-thsea0144Peod-NLO0S httpmarkutinglandcom/compruhensiva-gideideo-advertising-20-o9 httpwwwbusinessinsidarcom/most-popular teshows-2016-12 :: O

Switching Channels: The Evolution of Television, Binge Watching, and Advertising

shared by StaceySD on Apr 20
These days, it's hard to go a week without hearing about the newest TV streaming option, Netflix's subscriber stats, and the hot new show to binge-watch. But how do these trends impact advertisers, an...


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