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Sustainable Business: Why It's Worth It

SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS: WHY IT'S WORTH IT An MBA in Sustainable Business is an investment in your own future as well as the future of the planet and your community. In the coming years, sustainability will become increasingly important for business and environmental survival. WHY IT'S NEEDED INCREASED CONSUMPTION POPULATION OF 9 BILLION EXPECTED BY 2050 Middle-class consumers TODAY 0000cco; expected to triple by 2030 2030 Currently, the world is operating in an unsustainable manner – if we continue to CONSUMERIST CULTURE: We would consume and produce in the same way, we need five planets if everyone lived will run out of available resources. like the average American. C.:: EVERY $1 MILLION SPENT ON FOOD HAS AN ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINT OF 1,500 HECTARES A DETERIORATING ENVIRONMENT 60% Natural resource consumption is at 125% of the Earth's bio-capacity, and is expected to rise to 170% by 2040, an unsustainable rate for future generations. of the Earth's ecosystems I 125% have been degraded in the past 50 years | 170% 50 100 150 200 THE FIELD IS GROWING Sustainable (green) businesses and jobs are becoming increasingly important and prevalent. THE MARKET IS HERE: The percent of US citizens 58% of Americans 2007 willing to act on environmental concerns jumped from 57% in 2007 to 80% in 2008. are worried about global warming in 2013 2008 BUSINESSES ARE HOPPING ON BOARD: In 2011, almost 75% of all US establishments reported Even higher rates are shown in the using at least one green technology or practice. 75% 83.9% 80.5% Information sector Education sector More and more vital companies are joining the sustainability revolution, such as: ADIDAS, NOKIA, AND PROCTER & GAMBLE. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES ARE GROWING: In 2011, there were 3,401,279 ASSOCIATED WITH THE PRODUCTION OF GREEN GOODS AND SERVICES (GGS), WHICH BENEFIT THE ENVIRONMENT OR CONSERVE NATURAL RESOURCES. JOBS THAT'S AN INCREASE OF 157,746 JOBS FROM THE PREVIOUS YEAR! PROFESSIONS THE BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS SHOWS THAT MANAGEMENT OCCUPATIONS HOLD AFTER 5% OF GREEN TECHNOLOGY AND PRACTICES EMPLOYMENT. BELOW ARE SOME POSSIBLE GRADUATION TOP-PAYING PROFESSIONS: MEAN ANNUAL WAGE: $150,000 32,030 JOBS HELD $120,000 $90,000 $60,000 $30,000 $0 INDUSTRIAL MEDICAL AND COMPUTER AND GENERAL NATURAL PRODUCTION HEALTH SERVICES INFORMATION SYSTEMS OPERATIONS SCIENCE MANAGER MANAGER MANAGER MANAGER MANAGER Although these are the top-tier management professions, there are also thousands of other job titles in a multitude of industries – even if you have to create the job yourself! WHAT WILL AN MBA IN SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS GIVE YOU? YOU WILL LEARN: ETHICS AND INTEGRITY DECISION-MAKING BIG-PICTURE THINKING Solve green problems without Use advanced techniques to make the Learn to take into account elements such sacrificing integrity. tough choices. as globalization, the competitive landscape, green values, and stakeholder interest. PROMOTE FINANCIAL VIABILITY, SUSTAINABILITY, AND SOCIAL JUSTICE! CONSIDER AN MBA IN SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS, FOR THE FUTURE. LEARN MORE AT HTTP://MBA.MARYLHURST.EDU SOURCES:"

Sustainable Business: Why It's Worth It

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Sustainability is an ever-evolving concern among communities today - it seems as if everyday we find a new reason that sustainability should be a core focus in life and work going forward. With this c...


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