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Sustainable Business Growth

THE S-CURVE OF GROWTH THE TIMELESS CYCLE OF GROWTH PATH OF SUSTAINED MOMENTUM PATH OF OBSOLESCENCE PATH OF PLATEAU - - - - - - MATURE SCALE GROWTH STRATEGIC GROWTH INFLECTION POINT START TIME SUCCESSFUL S-CURVE OF GROWTH (A CLOSER LOOK) MATURE STRATEGIC INFLECTION SCALE POINT GROWTH START TIME STRATEGIC INFLECTION POINT Every growth business encounters Strategic Inflection Points at various points. Inflection Points vary based on Internal/External factors (i.e team, processes, access to capital, economic cycles, etc.). The goal at any Inflection Point is to sustain forward momentum Strategic Inflection Points are those points in time where a company must make a fundamental shift to maintain and/or capitalize on forward momentum. adapts/innovates = GROWTH chases tactics = DISSONANCE MATURE refuses to change = NO GROWTH TIME HOW TO BUILD & SUSTAIN MOMENTUM STORYVESTING 3P'S FUNNEL • Customer First Culture • Vested Internal Team • Internal/External Loyalty • Invest in Your Team • Data-Driven Processes • Proper Tools & Platforms • Focus on ldeal Buyer • Integrated Teams • Optimize Buyer Journey THE BASE COMPONENTS NEEDED 31'S • Invent a new idea or method • Innovate and create significant change • Improve your processes and products THE RESULTS THE INFLECTION POINTS OF SUCCESSFUL S-CURVES STORYVESTING • Customer First Culture • Vested Internal Team • Internal/External Loyalty 3P'S • Invest in Your Team • Data-Driven Processes • Proper Tools & Platforms FUNNEL • Focus on Ideal Buyer • Integrated Teams • Optimize Buyer Journey Measure/analyze trending metrics internally (user growth rate, revenue/profit growth rate, customer satification HOW TO IDENTIFY AN scores, etc.) and externally (i.e. macro/micro economic data, socio/political data). INFLECTION POINT Establish data-driven growth focused teams, increase HOW TO NAVIGATE AN employee learning/education, ensure that all actions are based on improving the buyer experience without taking INFLECTION POINT away from core focus, test new ideas and fail quickly. "Brainstorming" meetings, chasing new channels/tactics, ringing the "fire alarm", not using data and constant testing to back up new "strategies", shift strategies on a "daily, weekly, monthly" basis. HOW NOT TO NAVIGATE AN INFLECTION POINT EXAMPLE OF S-CURVE GROWTH ADAPTABILITY MATURE PATH OF SUSTAINED MOMENTUM NETFLIX OATH OF OBSOLESCENCE MATURE SCALE GROWTH START A BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO -Recession of 2001-2002 Recession of 2008-2009 2000 2010 IN EKNOW THE © Copyright 2015 Please feel free to share this infographic-BUT, you may not alter, modify or use it for commercial intent. We ask that you give In The Know credit/attribution. Find us over at GROWTH GROWTH GROWTH

Sustainable Business Growth

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An Infographic That Describes The Timeless S-Curve of Sustainable Business Growth.


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