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The Superhero Clerk

THE SUPERHERC (CLERK A clerk can spend up to 40 hours a week JUST on agenda packets and duties - never mindeverything else they have to do! Sound familiar? This is true for alImost everyone in government! That's why government needs to go PAPERLESS. Watch how going paperless with Hyland's OnBase A genda and Minutes transforms an overworked clerk into a SUPERHERO CLERK! Let's take Sally, a clerk at a town in Maryland. HOW GOING PAPERLESS TRANSFORMS THE AGENDA, MEETING AND APPROVAL PROCESS BEFORE PAPERLESS SALLY HAS TO THE NEW PROCESS AFTER GOING PAPERL ESS SALLY CAN manuall y gather and schedule a genda items that exist in emaik, sprea dsheets and paper files. take a hands-off a pproach, as an OnBase repository ets staff submit items through electronic forma & attach supporting COLLECT ITEMS documents. run around getting reviewa an input from a variety of folks - some of whom make their changes manua lly. ROUTE FOR REVIEW sitback as automation allows Sally's co- workers to com plete a genda item approva la from their desktopa, within Outlock or from the ir smartphones & ta blets stay after hours to print and collate, make last-m inute changes and add ad-hoc items. CREATE AGENDA assemble a genda packets with one dick. It automatically adds ordinance and resolution num bers, page num bers, placeholder pa ges and more. O GENERATE PACKET spend a lotof time printing and racing around to dstribute meeting packets to all attendees. meet green initiatives by elminatng pa per-ba sed agenda packets through electronic distribution. PUBLISH capture the disc ussion, motiona and votes during the meeting - which is overwhelming. record proceedings quickly and easily with OnBase Minutes WHAT DOES A CLERK DO? WHY CLERKS ARE AWESOME rush to create follow-up itema and MANAG E MEETING automate folbw-up actions and track tabled agenda items to ensure they are brought forward for future meetinga. take all the diacussions into account. O Clerks have become the hub of government, the direct link The job of a clerk is critical to the government. When they become a between the inhabitants of their community and their superhero by goping paperless, they actually help you. Here's why: government com pile yet another giant packet a bout what happened at the meeting teiking up time and paper, and figure out how to get it to the public. CREATE MINUTES O Clerks are keepers of the public records create packages quickly and allow seamless electronic publishing and distribution. OnBa se automates the creation O The Clerk is the historian of the comm unity O Clerks are stewards of important infom ation of the document in one click. O The clerk is typically required to prepare the agendas for O The clerk's role is central to improving transpa rency in each govemment meeting and notify comm issions if others' input is required for certain agenda items stay late at work -a gain. PUBLISH leave work on fime, and can enjoy a well- government deserved glass of wine with friends O The clerk assem bles the agenda packets and distributes them to council mem bers Minutes of the meetings are ordinarily O The work they are doing is a bout making the legislative bodies as informed as possible recorded and edited by the clerk and distributed to the O They also m ake information available to the public so they can attend important public meetings and make their views heard Council mem bers upon com pletion OnBase OnBase A genda and Minutes traneforms your le gislative proces by managing Pre, dur ing and post -meeting tasks OnBase Agenda and Minutes links seam lessly to your agendas and minules publishing process so information e available to staff and constituents 24/7, he lping you meet traneparency requirements góvloop O That's a lot of work - and it involves a lot of pa per by Hyland Learn more at ONBASE.COM/GOVERNMENT

The Superhero Clerk

shared by GovLoopInfographics on Jul 05
Learn how going paperless with Hyland’s OnBase Agenda and Minutes transforms an overworked clerk into a SUPERHERO CLERK in our latest infographic.




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