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Supercharge Your Staff!

SUPERCHARGE. YOUR STAFF! 7 HACKS THAT PUT PRODUCTIVITY INTO OVERDRIVE 1 HOST CASUAL MONTHLY MEETUPS Gather up employees, and head out for a night on the town. Looking for something a bit more professional? Try your hand at a round of bowling, or hit up a local baseball game. Make sure these monthly meetups are all play and no work. Inspiration hits when we least expect it, so prioritize these regular get togethers. 2 SET PERSONAL GOALS IN ONE ON ONE REVIEWS You might already hold one on one performance reviews, but take it one step further. In your one on one review, jot down individual goals. For example, meet with your top sales rep, and encourage him or her to increase their totals by 10% before a certain date. 3 OFFER PERFORMANCE BASED REWARDS AND INCENTIVES First things first, know your employees and what makes them tick. Don't offer generic incentives, as you'll see little to no results. Just as business owners should know their customers, they should also have an accurate idea of employee preferences. 4 ASK THE QUESTION, "SO, WHAT DO YOU THINK?" When employees feel like their thoughts, ideas, or opinions don't matter, they won't take personal responsibility for the company's success. Take time to listen. Hold creative, brainstorming sessions once a month, and allow all staff members to contribute. 5 DON'T SHY AWAY FROM NEW EMPLOYEE TRAINING PROGRAMS Take preventative measures. Make sure all new employees are given the tools to succeed. A lack of productivity often comes from a lack of understanding. Boost their knowledge, and boost their performance. TAKE ADVANT AGE OF THE BUDDY SYSTEM Certain employees will naturally be drawn to each other, based on personalities and job responsibilities. Make use of these developing friendships, and allow group projects, or incentive based contests. IT'S OK TO SHOW YOUR SOFT SIDE You don't have to always play hardball. Don't be afraid to praise your employees, and acknowledge their accomplishments. THE 4 P'S OF PRODUCTIVITY BE PREPARED Provide all staff members with a plan of action. Develop realistic goals, and set reasonable expectations. Provide all employees with the training they need to succeed. OFFER CLEAR PROJECTIONS Set precise goals. your productivity efforts are successful, what kind of growth do you expect to observe? By setting goals, you establish a clear start and end point. SHOW REASONABLE PATIENCE Don't expect change to happen overnight. Give it some time. Allow 30 to 60 days for real, permanent results. Don't give up on your employees; give them time to blossom. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN Don't look up in the sky and wish upon a star. If you want to enhance office productivity, you must layout a plan of action. Make a conscious effort, and follow these tips. THIS INFOGRAPHIC WAS CREATED BY TOP SMS MARKETING PROVIDER, SLICKTEXT.COM. WANT TO LEARN MORE? GIVE THEM A CALL AT 1.800.688.6290.

Supercharge Your Staff!

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Describing about 7 hacks that put productivity into overdrive


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