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Success of a Salesman

SUCCESS OF A SALESMAN IS YOUR SALES CRM WORKING FOR YOU? The relationship between customers and a company means the difference between a successful business model and a failing one. Many businesses turn to a CRM (that is, Customer Relationship Management) program to help the team stay customer-focused while increasing sales. COST Everything comes with a price tag and the only way to continue to make money is by spending some. Unfortunately, though, some CRM programs require a large payout to receive little or no success - leaving you out of cash and with a disgruntled sales team, who may not even use it! The cost to fix a data error at the time of entry is $1. The cost to fix it an hour after it's been entered is $10. And the cost to fix it several months later is $100+ Stephen Hawking Hardware, software, training, and implementation cost a company on average The latest technology and other hardware like computers and headsets range from TRAINING COSTS RANGE FROM $10,385 $3,000 - $6,000 $500 - $1,000 per user per user PER USER CRM SOFTWARE prices range from $300 to several thousand dollars per user. Additional programs can cost around $2,000 to $5,000. 24/7 Access to a support team or internal help desk can cost from $1,000 to $1,500 per user each year. 37.5% of those that were surveyed claimed the system went over budget while falling short of expectations of the system. Like the old adage "time is money." it's imperative to understand the amount of time and energy that is wasted on an ineffective CRM program. The less time your sales team needs, the more time they can focus their efforts on tracking leads and landing new clients. TIME WASTED Errors can result in a loss of a lead or disappointed customer. Updating information can require up to 4 screens and 16 clicks to update or enter new information. Implementation and training can take between 5 days to two weeks Searching for information takes up about 24% of a sales person's time. This time costs approximately $2.6 billion in lost revenue for a Fortune 500 company. Inputting new records and deleting can take hours. If the program times out or responds with an error it can take a great deal of time to resolve the issue. 9 in 10 sales people lose an opportunity because they spend time dealing with information overload • Lack of computer/IT knowledge • Drop in communication (not consulting users first • Complex system requiring too many programs or logins • Not adopted by the sales team • The demanding executive with unrealistic goals / forecasts 5 • Distorted data to impress executives WHY SOME CRMS FALL SHORT Not every software program is created equal, and this includes a CRM. While there are plenty of CRM programs on the market, not every one is going to work best in every situation. A lot of issues can arise from purchasing the wrong program. ALTERNATIVES TO A CRM Open Source applications Cloud based programs DISADVANTAGES TO CERTAIN CRMS While an effective CRM can be extremely successful, they have their pitfalls that can leave the sales team discouraged and irritated." • Sales teams don't want administrative duties • Can be seen as a form of Big Brother • Maintenance and updating can be frequent and costly • Cumbersome to integrate with other systems STATISTICS It takes about It is projected that 3-5 YEARS ONE BILLION DOLLARS GLOBALLY for a traditional CRM will be spent on customer service programs. system to warrant an ROI. THE #I BARRIER that's standing in the way of a successful CRM experience is poor data management." 12 Only about 20% of small to medium of businesses 81% 90% 20% want to increase their use of their CRM system. of CRM systems are cloud based. sized enterprises implement CRM software, " The number of businesses using social CRM applications is expected to increase to 25%. of all projects worldwide this year alone." SAFE AND RELIABLE | EASILY ACCESSED | RESPONSIVE EXCELLENT CRM PROGRAMS ARE" PROVIDES CLEAR COMMUNICATION WITH THE CUSTOMER PERSONALITY TRAITS THAT THRIVE WITH A CRM PERSONALITY TRAITS THAT FAIL WITH A CRM A CRM program is not a one-way street. The employees and the program must work together effectively to ensure that it's working properly. The personality traits that work best in these situations are as With the good comes the bad. Not every person on a sales team is going to be an effective employee with a CRM. Hopefully none of these kinds of employees are on your team to begin with! follows. Hopefully your entire sales team is stocked up with employees like this! EMPATHY * LACKADAISICAL ANALYTICAL * POOR ATTITUDE ORGANIZED * UNORGANIZED GOOD ATTITUDE * REACTIVE INDIVIDUALS CUSTOMER ORIENTED * * POOR WORK ETHIC COPYRIGHT 2013 PIPELINERSALES.COM | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Success of a Salesman

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Is your sales CRM working for you? Statistcs, costs, analysis of how you can make your sales team more successful.


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