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In-Store Pickup: The New Retail Requirement

Shopatron IN-STORE PICKUP: the NEW RETAIL REQUIREMENT CUSTOMERS LOVE 96% IN-STORE PICKUP While each year more customers do their product research online, surveys show that those same customers still prefer to make their purchases at a brick-and-mortar store. In-store pickup is an optimal combination of consumer preferences. It allows customers to complete their research and purchase online, and then get an optimal in-store experience when the product is waiting for them upon arrival at the store. 80% 75% Research shows that 80% of customers research their purchases online but 75% of consumers still prefer to buy products at a store. 96% of customers who used Shopatron's in-store pickup service rated the overall experience as "good" or "excellent." BENEFITS OF IN-STORE PICKUP FOR THE MERCHANT: FOR THE CONSUMER: INCREASED ONLINE CONVERSION NO SHIPPING FEES IN-STORE UPSELLING AT TIME OF PICKUP EASY RETURNS TO STORE SELL A BROADER FASTER FULFILLMENT OF ORDERS PRODUCT MIX ONLINE ADD-ON SALES JUSTIFY THE EFFORT OF IMPLEMENTATION 30% 33% 35% Shopatron ACE 35% of REI in-store pickup Over 30% of Shopatron merchant in-store pickup 33% of Ace Hardware orders resulted in additional in-store pickup orders result in additional sales. orders result in additional in-store sales. in-store sales at the time of pickup.? 2 TYPES OF IN-STORE PICKUP: Using this method, the retailer fulfills the customer's order from inventory in the store. This method supports FULFILL FROM STORE INVENTORY same-day pickup, but limits in-store pickup to only items that are currently available in that store. 2 SHIP-TO-STORE The ship-to-store method allows the online shopper to access inventory in any location, any store or distribution center or even at a vendor. If an item is unavailable locally, it can be shipped 00 to that location from another store, the distribution center or the vendor. While wait times are a factor, this allows all orders to be picked up in store. WITH IN-STORE PICKUP, IT IS POSSIBLE TO SELL ALMOST ANYTHING ONLINE. For years, many product categories, from home appliances to firearms, could not be sold online. By involving the local retailer through in-store pickup, a consumer can order items such as a hunting rifle, a car audio system, tires, or even a piano online. With the assistance of the local shop, items are picked up at the consumer's preferred location, where trained experts can handle complicated licensing requirements, assemble, install, train and answer questions about the purchase. SOURCES: 1. Forrester Research Inc., How Consumers Research, Buy, And Get Service, 2011; March 2011 2. Shopatron Inc.: 2008 in-store pickup data 3. Deloitte Consulting ( 4. ( Shopatron Shopatron provides eCommerce solutions that increase sales online and in stores. For more information on the in-store pickup topic, including inventory-based and ship-to-store methods, view our webinar-on-demand "The Evolution of In-Store Pickup" at

In-Store Pickup: The New Retail Requirement

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Customers love in-store pickup, and there are lots of benefits to the retailers who deploy it. But there are still many who are afraid of it for fear of complicating in-store processes. While each yea...






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