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The State of Viewable Impressions

The State of Viewable Impressions 2013 is the year of the viewable impression. Are you ready? VIEWABLE AD VS SERVED AD An ad impression : An ad impression is ONLY counted when it has an i it leaves the opportunity to: ad server. be seen. is counted when iab's definition of a viewable impression: 50% of ad is seen for at least 1 second. There are up to 20 reasons* why a served ad isn't always viewed; including: The ad is served below the fold and a user doesn't scroll A user clicks away before an ad is loaded (AD) Ad blockers are being used The browser doesn't have the required plug-ins to support rich media ins Page loads on a mobile device not configured to show the ad content. * for a full list, please see references HOW BIG IS THE ISSUE? 2012 global digital advertising spend: $94.2 BILLION 24 23% of that was spent in display advertising (Online banner ads)= $21,670,000,000 e Extent Of Wastage The 54 % Banner Ads are $11.7 Billion WASTED WORLDWIDE, ANNUALLY 15% of ad calls are never served. of ads are viewed for less 50% than 4 seconds. HOW DID WE GET HERE? 1994 644,000,000 Websites 78% Average CTR 0.09% 10,022 2012 Websites 1st Banner Ad 4 TRILLION Banner Ads Across news sites, average number of banner ads per page:. Above the fold: 2 -... below the fold: WHAT DOES THE INDUSTRY THINK? Forbes, ESPN & USA Today all made viewable only inventory available R.I.P for advertisers CPM in 2012. 1994-2012 "The Viewable Impression is the most realistic view of internet ads that will move the busines. It's a new currency that we can organise around." David Cohen, CMO Universal McCann + Chair of 4A's And there is good reason for it. Research shows viewable impressions increase CTRS by 54.4% and engagement rates by 2.5x CTR = CTR It's estimated that viewable impressions will help raise CPM rates by 76% between 2012-2017. %24 $2.66 2012 2017 $4.68 INFOGRAPHIC BROUGHT TO YOU BY: ONSCROLL enables publishers to fully monetise webpages to their true potential by dynamically adapting ad delivery based on user behaviour. OnScroll's patent pending technology allows publishers to serve and sell 100% vieawable inventory. For a full list of references, please visit: Plug- of Online Seen! dre NEVER

The State of Viewable Impressions

shared by RoseStardust on Jan 09
What are viewable impressions and why do web advertisers need to know about them?




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