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State of Mobile Advertising 2013

The Media Gal & The Creative Guy The New BFFS of the Advertising Industry (just like a PB&J sandwich) THE MEDIA WORLD IS ABOUT OPTIMIZING NUMBERS Here are some stats from 2013 you'll find interesting I MOBILE INTERACTION Drag, shake, tap, swipe and scratch are the actions of the mobile world. Tap dominated 2013 - will it remain as popular in 2014? 67% tap 12% swipe 3% drag 2.5% shake 2% scratch PROGRAMMATIC NOT YET DOMINANT In 2013, less than 40% of our ads ran on programmatic platforms. We estimate that in 2014 most ads will run on programmatic platforms. RESPONSIVE AD UNITS Mobile 3% A CTR BY INDUSTRY CTR Tablet Desktop 31% Games & Gaming 1.5% CTR 0.01% 26% Entertainment CTR 16% FMCG 1% OF CAMPAIGNS WERE RE-TARGETING CAMPAIGNS AD FORMAT BY INDUSTRY There is a healthy mix between ad units and formats. We predict the Hover and IAB Rising Stars formats will be more prominent in 2014. 85% 72% ПL. 47% 43% 57% 56% 35% 34% 18% 15% 18% Expandable Banner I Interstitial I Hover 3% Games FMCG Entertainment Communication Automotive & Gaming & Tech DESIGNERS VALUE USABILITY AND SIMPLICITY. SIMPLICITY IN ACTION Average production time of an ad unit Banner 60 min Expandable banner < Interstitial O 2.5 h Landing page O 4h Hover 2.5 h Interactive video 2-3 days Rising stars O 2-3 days Advance gamification few weeks 8% OF ADS USE VARIATION USED FEATURES LOW Camera USAGE Accelerometer MEDIUM Games Audio USAGE Video Location FREQUEENTLY USED Interaction h Galleries JUSTAD In 2013 we helped hundreds of designers and media professionals create innovative and engaging campaigns. 4 ADS CREATED ON vs JUSTAD STUDIO 80% of the ads were created by customers in a self service way. Only 20% were created in-house as production services. 80% POPULAR TOPICS FROM OUR CLIENTS 1. Measurement and analytics 2. Creative scaling for multiple device screens 3. Video ad capabilities METHODOLOGY The data presented in this infographic is based on a sample of 150 ads and hundreds of millions of ad impressions created and delivered by the justAd platform during 2013. We used weighted averages to adjust for changes in our offering throughout the year. ABOUT JUSTAD justAd is the leading self-service advertising platform for the creation and distribution of rich media IAB standard and bespoke ad units for mobile, tablet and multi-screen devices. To learn more and to start creating rich-media ad units visit OjustAd ENJOY ADVERTIS ING

State of Mobile Advertising 2013

shared by dvirreznik on Dec 25
An infographic to wrap up 2013 in mobile advertising as seen from ad campaigns created with justAd Studio.




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