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Startup Resume

ALEXANDER RIVERA DESIGNER ILLUSTRATOR Great artists have 2 qualities in common: an incredibly high benchmark for their own work and a close connection to the landscape they help create. As the design community drifts towards unexplored waters like mobile UI/UX design, I don't just see challenges on the horizon but also the chance to let my skills grow. Life is made up of many different canvases and I strive to excel on all of them. SKILLSET 6-8 Months Layout Project Management *UI/UX * 1-3 Years Storyboarding Branding Infographics 3-5 Years Character Design Illustration Iconography WORK EXPERIENCE Graphic Designer and Illustrator College is a time of freedom and experimentation that I used to perfectly hone my craft. ARTES From traditional print to modern branding, I built a legendary reputation on campus by designing signature pieces for school groups, including a pamphlet 1851 Florida State University given to every new student. d. Graphic Design Intern As a standout design intern, I earned a dream opportunity to lead the rebranding of a Wall Street Journal Top 25 startup. While I had to push myself to learn new skills for UX/UI, I got to hear the sound every designer covets – my client's jaw hitting the floor. Snaps Junior Art Director brand connections Juggling a number of clients is never an easy task, but it drove me to bring my best creative thinking to every execution. I shepherded my clients from the dark ages of stock photos and half-baked ideas to a renaissance of hand-drawn images and engaged fans. MARKETING & MEDIA Brand Connections Head of D esign I may never get to repaint the Sistine Chapel, but being one of the first to develop a whole new medium like infographics is just as exciting. Carving a path where no artist has gone before, I've matured as both a designer and a leader to an incredibly skilled team. Millennial Plated THE REAL NUMBERS 2010 2014 Been designing and refining for Steadfastly design Stood out from peers to be 4 YEARS 12 HOURS 1 of 12 every day accepted into the BFA program Developed my skills by always holding Learned and grew from Braved the Alaskan cold for 10 YEARS 5 COMPANIES 2 -3 JOBS Always wanting to get my hands on something new Never stopping until the task at hand is complete Never settling with my current skill level Surrounding myself with like-minded creative people to always remain sharp Sleepless nights because of the constant flurry of ideas |am built for start-ups. ll + %3D The perfect candidate for you From small shops to hulking corporations, I've learned that true creativity and originality thrives in the startup world. As a David in a sea of Goliaths, I know the thrill of constantly staying 10 steps ahead of the curve. It's an experience unlike any other, made possible by a team that lives and breathes exceptional design. While every opportunity is a chance to learn new skills, it's the journey that develops you as an artist. With a brush in my hand and a world of new canvases at my feet, I'm ready to help both of us reach our full potential. 954.551.4027 | [email protected] ORIDA FLO RSITY

Startup Resume

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A resume gearing the designer towards the startup lifestyle.


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