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Startup Founding Team

Startups have No Money! No people! All they have is Speed Founding team has to maintain this advantage of speed For this, similar Founding team Why? Say, you have a founding team of 4 Number of relationships If founders are very diverse, time is spent more on arriving at a common ground than solving problems Founders -> Share a same view on something fundamentally important for the business Culture Goal A group of people believing and working towards common goal Culture spectrum (Where do you lie on the spectrum?) Consultants Cult 1. Very strong 'culture' 2. People believe in something that is fundamentally wrong 3. They are fanatics 1. No culture to speak. 2. People work independantly on unrelated projects 3. They are mercenaries Your company culture 1. Unique culture 2. People share an unique philosophy on something important Personality Spectrum (What are types of people you can hire?) Athletes Nerds 1. Problem solvers 2. Believe in a idllyic non 1. Highly competitive 2. "You win only if others lose" 3. Driven by being better than others competitive world 3. Driven by intelluctual curiosity Problem: Problem: 1. Survival of the fittest is a law of nature Your startup will need to fight and survive sometimes need to fight. Will these guys fight? 1. "Winning a wrong race is irrelevant" Your company Healthy mix of nerds and athletes Some solve problems. Others fight when needed. People and markets (Understand the market. Appoint people accordingly) Types of people Your Startup is Non-Competitive massacred Sweet spot. Innovate and have people in case you have to fight Competitive Dog eat dog." High competition competition Low Types of markets Culture and people (Can culture create talent?) Myth Non Your company Talented talented culture & "training" people! people Always hire talent Your company culture can enhance & channelize that talent Attracting Talent (What can you offer the brightest minds?) 1. Make them understand that intellect is always compunding Intellectual prowess C (1 + r)" %3D where C = current intellect r = rate of increase of intellect/ experience/ lessons n = # of years Corporate companies can't offer the 'r' that you can. Even in Short time -> more experience and learning 2. Tell them the "Cog Narrative" In larger companies, they will be a cog in a structure In your startup they will be a pillar & building block of something great

Startup Founding Team

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How do you build a team that can create great companies? An infodoodle that talks about team building, culture and asking the fundamental questions






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