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Startup ecosystem in Italy

LaunCH a STARTUP IN ITALY (Number of Businesses - Thousands) SNC (Partnership of Individuals) SNC ENTITY 64,81% 17% Other partnerships SAS, ... SRL 9 18% SRL (Private limited company) SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP About 65% of the Italian business SPA (public Imited company) SPA 65% entities are in the form of sole Self employed SELF-EMPLOYED proprietorship, including self-employed workers in this PARTITE IVA (VAT NUMBERS) Sole proprietorship category. Source: Istat, Archivio Statistico dele ImprAive, 2010 How TO START 200 400 600 800 1.000 1.200 1.600 1.800 STARTUP COFFEE NapKin "Our wonderful idea" Me 30% Mark 30% Sara 20% Do YOU Have Revenues? Paul 20% Do YOU Have PARTNERS? Yes No If you don't have revenues or great investiments required to start your activity, it's better to limit expenses and stay focused on the product. If you have to "split" the shares, you can always use the good old paper napkin. Yes No SOLE PROPRIETORSHIPS UNLIMITED LIABILITY FOR ALL LOSSses Is YOUR BUSıness in EurOpe ONLY? PARTITA IVA VAT nummen) Coree Napkin Yes No ORDINARIA O o$ - Starting costs O 750-1300$ - Accountant OMedium -Accounting complexity O Average - Taxes "Startup Shares Me 30% (with VAT number) Mark 30% ParTITa VAVAT numaen) ReGime Dei Mınımı (max 30K OF REvenue) O O$ - Starting costs 550-750$ - Accountant O Easy - Accounting complexity O Low- Taxes Sara 20% Paul 20% UnincoRPORaTep PaRTnerSHIPS LimBO unumIreD LIaBILITY FOR ALL LOSSES UpincoRPORATED ParTnerSHIPS (S.a.s., S.n.c., S.s.) "RISK LOVER" "Road OF TRUST" Work under the name of the founder with P.IVA O 2000-2600$ -Starting costs O 3100$ - Accountant O Medium-High - Accounting complexity High - Taxes Personal assets at risk CORPORATIONS Are You FUNDED? • Yes Ş.R.L. Socieта a ResponsaBILITà LimiraTa No O 4500$ - Starting costs O 3100$ - Accountant O High-Accounting complexity O High - Taxes can'T Have OTHER companies as SHAREHOLDERS Are You over 35? S.S.R.L. Socierà a ResponsaBILITà Yes LimITaTa SempPLIFICaTa (new FROM 29 AuGuST 2012) O 1000$ - Starting costs O 3100$ - Accountant O High-Accounting complexity O High - Taxes No 68.6% DIFFICULTY 14,2% 13% Contribution 47.8% for work termination 44.2% Are out of business within the first year 51% Social Security Total Tax Rate 23% Сoгporate Income (IRES) 26,8% 34,3% the third the second 10% Regional taxes (IRĂP) 3% EU WORLD ITALY 45,5% the fourth IProfit Texes Labour Taxes Other Others Source: Istat, Archivio Statistico delle Imprese Aive, 2010 Source: World Bank Paying Taxes 2011 Come and VISIT US @ CommerciaLISTa.Com IтaLY by

Startup ecosystem in Italy

shared by madarco on Sep 28
The state of the ecosystem in Italy, 65% of the businesses are self-employed, 45% are out of business whithin the third year.


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