SPK The Power of Face-to-Face Communication

SPK :) THE POWER OF FACE-TO-FACE COMMUNICATION THE WAY YOUR MESSAGE IS CONVEYED 10% 50% 40% WORDS BODY LANGUAGE TONE OF VOICE FACE-TO-FACE COMMUNICATION VS OTHER TYPES OF COMMUNICATION WORDS VISUALS VOICE FACE BODY PRESENCE FACE-TO-FACE COMMUNICATION VIDEO CONFERENCE TELEPHONE TEXT MESSAGE EMAIL SOCIAL NETWORK SNAIL MAIL WEB CONFERENCE FACE-TO-FACE Best for discussing concepts and strategies – these thoughts are more difficult to grasp and require more information and discussion. Breaks down silos and can lay the foundation for a long-lasting relationship. Enables the relay of more information since it's much easier to pick up supplementary communication such as non-verbal cues and personality. ONLINE Ideal for discussing finite topics and asking questions during the work process. Provides a simple and quick way to obtain information. Can expedite tasks - with less of a personal connection, staying on topic is easier. Eases in-person communication -- though personality is difficult to master online, the first impression is valuable. COMMUNICATION EFFECTIVENESS MAY DECLINE AS FEWER CUES ARE AVAILABLE TO HELP UNDERSTAND WHAT IS BEING SAID DE-EVOLUTION OF FACE-TO FACE COMMUNICATION 5-7M YEARS AGO SPOKEN WORD STORIES 550 BC POSTAL SERVICE 1876 1965 TELEPHONE EMAIL 1969 1996 2006 INTERNET INSTANT MESSAGING MICRO BLOGGING 2011 ONLINE CONTENT COLLABORATION EFFECTIVENESS OF VIRTUAL VS IN-PERSON MEETINGS WITH CURRENT WITH PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMERS CUSTOMERS 63% 85% LESS LESS 32% 12% EQUAL EQUAL 5% 3% MORE MORE EVERY DOLLAR INVESTED IN BUSINESS TRAVEL RESULTS IN $12.50 IN ADDED REVENUES AND $3.80 IN NEW PROFITS 77% BELIEVE THAT OFFSITE MEETINGS ARE A NECESSITY NOT A LUXERY 85% BELIEVE FACE-TO-FACE MEETINGS ARE MORE LIKELY TO RESULT IN BREAKTHROUGH THINKING 82% BELIEVETHAT MEETINGS BRING OUT THE BEST IN PEOPLE ödm group

SPK The Power of Face-to-Face Communication

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Face-to-face discussions are the foundation of human communication, and once established it allows us to build trust, clearly articulate our ideas and minimize misunderstanding. However, for many of ...


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