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Some Things Shouldn't Go Viral

SOME THINGS SHOULDN'T GO VIRAL (like your company data) COMPANY SECRETS MANAGEMENT CREATED A MISSION CRITICAL DOC Document distributed throughout the company what's the problem? Employees have a number of devices laptops, cell phones, tablets, etc. that they use at least partially for business. MacBook Ar Company leaders' top mobile security concerns Next highest concern Highest concern LOST/STOLEN DEVICES 78%0. FORWARDING CORPORATE 3hº INFORMATION TO CLOUD-BASED STORAGE SERVICES WHY LOSING A DEVICE IS SUCH A THREAT Devices access documents, regardless of policies in place. SMART DEVICE-OWNING EMPLOYEES USE THEIR PERSONAL MOBILE DEVICES TO ACCESS COMPANY DATA 67% of the time 20% DID SO DESPITE THE PRESENCE OF ANTI-BYOD POLICY 22% ADMITTED TO SOURCING THEIR OWN FILE SYNC AND SHARING APPS 31% FOUND THEIR OWN IM/VOIP APPS 26% FOUND THEIR OWN ENTERPRISE SOCIAL NETWORKING APPS After all of this unprotected sharing and communication: 45 OF COMPANIES REPORTED MISSING DEVICES with access to corporate data within the past year WHAT HAPPENS TO FOUND PHONES? LEFT IN RANDOM LOCATIONS, Prepopulated with fake personal and corporate data THEN MONITORED WHEN FOUND. 50 UNPROTECTED CELLPHONES 50% 96% 83% Made an attempt to return the phone Searched through private data and applications Tried to access corporate sensitive data BUSINESS SHOCK OF LEAKED ACCESSES/DATA • Innovation sold to competitors • Leaked vendor and partner information damages relationships • Stolen personal information tarnishes consumer trust • Controversial business choices unleashed on social media • Mitigation, fixing IT breaches, and lost business costs threaten the entire business MacBook Air delete tab cons lock shift potio EVERYONE BENEFITS FROM A BYOD MOBILE WORK FORCE - JUST USE PROTECTION The mobile workforce is unquestionably on the rise TELECOMMUTERS OFFICE WORKERS WORKDAY LENGTH PRODUCTIVITY LIKELY TO QUIT? WORK 9.5% LONGER DAYS 13% PERFORMANCE INCREASE 50% LESS LIKELY TO QUIT Telecommuters Office workers Telecommuters Office workers Telecommuters Office workers THE AVERAGE BYOD AMERICAN BYOD employees spend an average of $1,234 annually on service plans S809 81 MINUTES average amount spent on a BYOD device average time saved every week thanks to using his or her own device Annually, the average American company saves $3.150 PER BYOD EMPLOYEE BYOD DILEMMA SOLUTION One phone, two conflicting purposes Personal Privacy vs Business Security Respect Employee personal privacy by Tracking and Securing business data only Business cannot access personal information. In the event of a loss, all business data is wiped remotely. EMPLOYEES ARE BRINGING THEIR OWN DEVICES INTO WORK WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. SECURING BUSINESS, MAINTAINING PRIVACY Cloud, Mobile, Anywhere • Secure corporate data on mobile devices • Prevent data leakage for security and compliance • Watermark & track sensitive documents anywhere on the Internet • No software required You can't stop them, but you can make sure they are doing it safely. Not all viral is good. Protect yourself today. for more information, visit: Sources obitglass DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

Some Things Shouldn't Go Viral

shared by NowSourcing on Jun 09
This infographic takes a look at why losing a device can be a threat towards a company.




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