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Solar Means Business: Top Solar Users in the U.S.

Solar Means Business: Ranking America's Top 20 Corporate Solar Users *COMPANIES ARE RANKED BY MEGAWATTS OF SOLAR INSTALLED 65 MEGAWATTS CUSTOMERS ARE 12M WAL*MART SERVED BY SOLAR 7 STATES POWER EACH MONTH 144 SYSTEMS O 20 TOTAL TOP 2 38.9 MEGAWATTS COSTCO. 5 STATES 62 SYSTEMS 700 36.5 MEGAWATTS SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEMS 3 КОНLS 10 STATES 124 SYSTEMS 21.5 MEGAWATTS 79% OF IKEA STORES HAVE 4 IKEA 17 STATES SOLAR INSTALLATIONS 31 SYSTEMS 16.1 MEGAWATTS 5 *macys 4 STATES 41 SYSTEMS TOP 20 TOTAL 14.1 MEGAWATTS McGraw-Hill° 1 STATE 2 SYSTEMS $47.3M WORTH OF ELECTRICITY 11.6 MEGAWATTS JohmenaJohmon PRODUCEDA YEAR 2 STATES 12 SYSTEMS 10.8 MEGAWATTS STAPLES 5 STATES 35 SYSTEMS 9.9 MEGAWATTS BOWLS OF CHICKEN 330M Gamрвеlli NOODLE SOUP COULD 3 STATES BE HEATEDA YEAR 3 SYSTEMS 8.1 MEGAWATTS 300M ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSHES 10 Walgreens 6 STATES COULD BE POWERED 134 SYSTEMS 7.5 MEGAWATTS BED BATH& BEYOND 11 1 STATE 4 SYSTEMS 5.7 MEGAWATTS WII GAME CONSOLES POWERED A YEAR 315K TOYSAUS 12 1 STATE 4 SYSTEMS 5.6 MEGAWATTS GM 13 5 STATES 13 SYSTEMS TOP 20 TOTAL 4.9 MEGAWATTS 14 FedEx 2 STATES 5 SYSTEMS 1.2M SOLAR PANELS White 4.9 MEGAWATTS 15 Rose 1 STATE 1 SYSTEM Food 4.1 MEGAWATTS DOWIONES 16 1 STATE 1 SYSTEM TOP 20 TOTAL 3.5 MEGAWATTS Snyder's of Hanover 17 1 STATE 1 SYSTEM 46,500 HOMES COULD BE POWERED 3.5 MEGAWATTS ProLogis 18 1 STATE 10 SYSTEMS Hartz 3.4 MEGAWATTS 19 Mountain 1 STATE Industries 5 SYSTEMS 3.4 MEGAVWATTS 1B CRAYONS Crayolar 20 1 STATE PRODUCEDA YEAR 1 SYSTEM For more information What do some of America's most iconic brands have in common? They know a smart investment when they see one and are adopting solar energy in a big way. From the largest corporations to small businesses, U.S. companies are installing solar energy to take control of their energy costs SEIA Solar Energy Industries and improve their bottom line. Learn more at: The Vote Solar mark is property of The Vote Solar Initiative. The SEIA mark is a federally-registered trademark and property of the Solar Energy Industries Association, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Logos and other marks are used for identification purposes only and do not reflect any endorsement of or membership in The Vote Solar Initiative or the Solar Energy Industries Association.

Solar Means Business: Top Solar Users in the U.S.

shared by SEIA on Oct 01
What companies have the most solar energy installed in the U.S.? Many of the top retail companies are installing solar to help their bottom line.




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