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Social Customer Service

SOCIAL CUSTOMER SERVICE THE NEXT COMPETITIVE BATTLEGROUND In today's business climate customers expect more from companies. The business value and risks are real. It is no longer about how fast a business can respond to a customer BUT HOW WELL. Drivers for innovating customer support are attributed to: 87%= 719% 28% 070 Customer Demand Competitive Pressures Customer for Better Service Loyalty LEADING ORGANIZATIONS ARE NOT ONLY MEASURING THE TIME AND COST IT TAKES TO SERVICE A CUSTOMER, BUT THEIR CUSTOMER'S OVERALL ENGAGEMENT WITH THEIR BRAND. TRADITIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE METRICS EMERGING SOCIAL SUPPORT METRICS Satisfaction Ratings Customer Sentiment Defection Rates Self Service Usage First-time Resolutions Cross-sell/up sell Rates Average Handle Time Agent Utilization Conversation Volume Likes, retweets, +1s, etc. Cost to Service Customer Net Promoter Score THE CUSTOMER CUSTOMERS WON'T ALWAYS TELL A COMPANY WHEN THEY'RE NOT HAPPY WITH THE SERVICE THEY RECEIVE, BUT BUSINESS STILL SUFFERS. WHEN THINGS GO WRONG 17% 40% 28% WILL LEAVE YOU WILL LEAVE WILL LEAVE AFTER A SINGLE YOU AFTER AFTER THE SERVICE MESS UP TWO BLUNDERS THIRD MISTAKE. OF YOUR BUSINESS COULD BE LOST 85% DUE TO POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. of people have not of customers of customers have spent more with a will switch completed a purchase because of brands to 59% get better service. 78% 73% company because of a history of good customer service. poor service. THE FRONT LINE Every department has a responsibility to the customer, but those who field incoming client communication play a powerful role in providing superior customer service. Engaged, knowledgeable employees deliver a better customer experience and close 33%: Нзх as many internal resources are necessary to acquire a new customer than retain one. more deals. 40% INCOMING SUPPORT REQUEST CHANNELS Call Center 29% Other (Written, In Person, etc.) 13 52% eService (Web, Social, and Chat) OF TOTAL INBOUND ESERVICE IS PROJECTED TO GROW BY CALLS 53%- 18% ARE NOT RESOLVED IN ONE CALL. IN THE NEXT Email YEAR SOCIAL MEDIA ITSELF WILL GROW BY 37%. $276,000 A 1% IMPROVEMENT IN FIRST CALL RESPONSE in annual operational savings for the average call center SQM benchmarks Small efficiency gains can have a big effect on a company's top or bottom line and reduce customers at risk by a measure that is typically 5x-10x greater. THE SOCIAL ERA THESE DAYS, CUSTOMERS ARE EMPOWERED. COMPANIES NEED TO REALIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN THE AREA OF CUSTOMER SERVICE. ENTERPRISES USING SOCIAL MEDIA FOR RESPONDING TO CUSTOMER/PARTNER SERVICE INQUIRIES 25% 90%+ 2010 2020 20% 58% THESE COMPANIES DO MORE of Fortune 500's 100 largest companies engage with their customers on THAN MARKETING; THEY ARE ACTIVELY LISTENING, ENGAGING, AND RESPONDING TO CUSTOMER QUESTIONS. Facebook. OF THOSE WHO HAVE TWEETED ABOUT A BAD EXPERIENCE HAVE NEVER RECEIVED A RESPONSE FROM THE OFFENDING COMPANY. BY 2014, REFUSING TO COMMUNICATE WITH CUSTOMERS VIA SOCIAL CHANNELS WILL BE AS HARMFUL AS IGNORING EMAILS OR PHONE CALLS IS TODAY. TO COMPETE IN THIS NEW BATTLEGROUND, BUSINESSES NEED TO REALIGN THEIR TECHNOLOGIES AND THEIR CULTURES AROUND THE CUSTOMER. COMPANIES THAT FAIL TO DO SO WILL NOT ONLY SHED MARKETSHARE, BUT PLACE THE SURVIVAL OF THEIR BUSINESS AT RISK. Bluewolf makes enterprises more agile. As a global consultancy, we unite IT and the business to transform customer interaction and drive innovation in the cloud. bluewolf Sources Aberdeen | Gartner | International Data Corporation

Social Customer Service

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The next competitive battleground for businesses.




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