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A Snapshot of Different Perspective's Story

ASnapshot of DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE This is Hugo and his dream of something big. He knew for his plant to grow BIG AND STRONG, he'd need help in nurturing it. Different Perspective He began with a small seed, which he placed in a pot. SO HE EMPLOYED ONLY THE BEST PEOPLE TO HELP HIM GROW THE PLANT. </> Together they grew the plant. THEY FED THE PLANT WITH THE CREATIVITY THEY USED IN DESIGNING AND CREATING PRINT MATERIAL FOR NUMEROUS SMALL BUSINESSES. BUT THEY KNEW THE PLANT COULD USE MORE. THEY WATERED THE PLANT WITH DILIGENCE FROM THE DIRECT MAIL PACKAGES THEY PUT TOGETHER FOR LARGE COMPANIES. BUT THE ECONOMY IN THE US DRASTICALLY CHANGED, and so did the way people purchased products and chose service providers.. Online Ad Revenue (INCREASE) Print Ad Revenue 3500 (DECREASE) $3,420 50000 3000 $3,109 $44,939 40000 2500 $34,740 2000 30000 1500 20000 $1,216 $17,300 1000 2003 2008 2013 10000 2003 2008 2013 They knew they had to adapt to what their customers needed. ON AVERAGE, WE CONDUCT 44% 200 MILLION PEOPLE 12 BİLLION OF DIRECT MAIL SEARCHES PER MONTH ARE ON THE NATIONAL NEVER GETS OPENED DO NOT CALL LIST ON THE WEB IN THE UNITED STATES. And even though the plant was a good sige, Hugo knew that it could grow even bigger. So he moved the plant into a larger pot, a digital one to be exact. 608 MILLION INTERNET USERS (9.7% OF WORLD POPULATION) AAAAA AAAAA 3 BILLION INTERNET USERS (42.3% OF WORLD POPULATION) He and his team began nurturing the plant with THE STRATEGY USED IN THE ADAPTABILITY OF A AND EVEN THE DIGITAL MARKETING RESPONSIVE WEBSITE INCREASED VISIBILITY FROM SOCIAL MEDIA. In 2014, email marketing was cited as the most effective digital marketing channel for customer 74% of users say that if a retention in the United States site works well on their phone, they're more likely to visit it again. Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing POST Hugo's dream of something big was coming true, BUT HE AND HIS TEAM KNEW THAT NURTURING THEIR PLANT WOULD BE A CONTINUOUS EFFORT, AND THAT WAS SOMETHING RIGHT WITHIN THEIR PASSION. Sources www.cmocouncilorg/facts-stats-categories.php?view-all&category-direct-marketing html in millions of dollars 2014 in millions of dollars

A Snapshot of Different Perspective's Story

shared by CreativeCatherine on Nov 02
Understanding how human behavior works, adapting to new technology and having a strong team of professionals helped us define our agency and stay relevant to our clients in this ever-changing industry.


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