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Smartphones and the New Mobile Workforce

SMARTPHONES AND THE GET NEW MOBILE WORKFORCE SMART Many consider 2011 to be the year of mobile. The "always on" mentality has become more common then ever before, further blurring the line between work and personal time. The need to remain in constant contact is easy to get wrapped up in, and new technology makes it easier and fun to do. Mobile phones are fast becoming the preferred way to access the web and engage with people and content. The Rise of the Smartphone A smartphone can do more than make phone calls and send text messages. They can display photos, play videos, send and receive email, surf the Web, support GPS navigation and download third party applications. According to a recent Pew Research survey: MORE THAN 1 IN 3 OF ALL U.S. ADULTS OWNS A SMARTPHONE use the Internet or email 30% 23% use it to go online on a typical day primarily use it 8% to go online daily on their smartphone Profile of a U.S. Smartphone Owner MEN 39% GENDER Women 31% 18–29 | 52% 30-49 | 45% AGE 50-64 24% 65+ 11% $75,000+ 59% HOUSEHOLD INCOME $30,000-$49,999 40% $50,000-$74,999 38% Less than $30,000 22% COLLEGE AND ABOVE 48% EDUCATION Some college LEVEL 38% High school grad 27% No high school 18% ii | 38% |38% URBAN ВНЕ SUBURBAN GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION Rural | 21% 10 20 30 40 60 70 80 90 100 More Users Choose Android According to a 2011 Pew Internet research study, in the U.S."Android is the most common smartphone platform, followed by iPhone and Blackberry." Among all mobile phone owners Among smartphone owners 15% 35% ANDROID 10% 24% iPhone BlackBerry BE: 10% 24% 2% 6% Palm palm palm Windows 2% 4% Hyperconnected U.S. Employees are becoming increasingly tied to their smartphones, ready to respond to work related requests at any time. This trend is pointing to an ever growing on-demand workforce. Obsessively Frequently USUALLY Sometimes Never Do you check 6% 27% 28% 26% 12% your smartphone during downtime? WORK/LIFE BALANCE Most U.S. mobile employees think that the way smartphones affect their work/life balance is situational, sometimes helping and sometimes negatively affecting it. IT DEPENDS More No difference Less Does mobile technology 35% 44% 11% 11% give you more or less of a work/life balance? 6 or more devices 2.2% 4.4% 3.4% 5-1 12.5% MULTI-MOBILE USE How many mobile devices* do 2 47.5% people carry for both business and personal reasons? 3. 29.9% *INCLUDES LAPTOP, SMARTPHONE, CELL PHONE, TABLET PERCENT OF RESPONDENTS Mobile Apps in the Enterprise U.S. SMALL BUSINESSES EMBRACE MOBILE According to a 2011 AT&T survey that asked small businesses about their mobile application use: 72% 38% say they can't 49% use GPS and mapping of small business owners indicate they use mobile survive without mobile apps apps for their small business apps for their business More than HALF BY 2015 The mobile app market is positioned to grow from of all IT professionals expect $6.8 billion developers to focus more on creating mobile apps rather than traditional enterprise computing to $38 billion. platforms. $49.99 DOWNLOADING APP GO-TO APPS FOR U.S. EMPLOYEES PROJECT MANAGEMENT SOCIAL NETWORKING NEWS facebook. BusinessWeek Documents To Go AVAILABLE ON: AVAILABLE ON: AVAILABLE ON: Google+ Bloomberg EVERNOTE AVAILABLE ON: AVAILABLE ON: AVAILABLE ON: O SOCIALCAST Sources: "Smartphone Adoption and Usage." (Pew Research, 2011) | "Mobile Workforce Report." (IPass, 2010) Forrester Research | Small Business Trends| IBM | AT&T | SOCIALCASTOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST CAST SOCIALCAST OIALA SOCIALCASTOALCAT SOCIALO © 2011 SOCIALCAST INC. ALL OTHER TRADEMARKS HEREIN ARE RECOGNIZED TO BE THE PROPERTY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS.CAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAST SOCIALCAS SOCIALCASTOCA SOCIALCASTOAL PERCENT OF RESPONDENTS PERCENT OF RESPONDENTS IPHONE BLACKBERRY ANDROID

Smartphones and the New Mobile Workforce

shared by ColumnFive on Aug 18
Many consider 2011 to be the year of the mobile. The "always on" mentality has become more common then ever before, further blurring the line between work and personal time. Mobile phones are fast bec...


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