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Smart Boarding Project

BENEFITS Example Airways To Example Airlines Smart Boarding Project 40% 60% reduction in employees being late for flights will save £2.5 per year reduction in printing boarding passes will save £1.5m per year THE PROBLEM Only The industry the shortest times in the industry of Example Airlines customers say that they are satisfied (or very satisfied) with their airport experience The average queuing time at an Example Airlines ticket counter 30% average is (BA, Qantas and Etihad) are Customers arriving late to their gate for boarding cost Example Airlines 17 9 15% 40% Increased competition from new airlines making differentiation more important. 5 new airlines have been launched that compete with Example Airways mins. mins. mins. increase in cross increase in customer €2.5mper year selling add-ons to customers will satisfaction will increase repeat business by £2m per year in the last 12 months. generate £2m per year Provides counter staff with details about preferences and history e.g. Has the customer paid to upgrade at the counter before, have they made any complaints recently etc. VISION HOW WILL WE ACHIEVE THIS? To Employees The Smart Counter Project will provide Examples Example Airlines will launch the Smart Boarding System at all 223 of our counters across Europe over the next 12 months. Counter staff will get greater information about each customer Airlines customers with the allowing them to meet their needs Phone GPS used to alert more easily best airport experience in the industry. customers how far they are from the gate Reduction in complaints/aggressive customers by improving quality of interactions with customers HOW DOES THE SMART Y 19E Quicker to check in each customer BOARDING SYSTEM WORK? Status of reducing stress of large queues M STOPHE the plane 1 at an Example Airways counter, they will have the option of receiving their boarding pass on their mobile phone. When customers check in To Customers Increased information about boarding time, directions around the airport, flight status etc. Vouchers and $E discounts for airport stores Reduced stress of losing boarding passes between check in and boarding By swiping the phone on the touch pad at the Inform 2$ Access to airport discounts via targeted promotions customers counter, this will also activate a range of additional functionality when it's time to board Roll out of system to France, Italy, Germany and Spain airports Example Airways Build the system Pilot of system at Gatwick Airport If you have any questions or would like any more information, please contact: smartboarding@exam 2014 2015 JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER ОСТОВER NOVEMBER DECEMBER JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST Roll out of system to all UK Airports Roll out of system to all remaining European Airports Test the system TIMELINES

Smart Boarding Project

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This is dummy project for a client for presenting potential costumers.





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