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Slips, Trips, Falls & How to Keep Your Workers On The Ball

SLIPS, TRIPS, FALLS, & HOW TO KEEP YOUR WORKERS ON THE BALL Slip and fall accidents happen everyday in the workplace. This can easily be corrected by following simple prevention methods and tips. When employees can operate in safe working environments, everyone benefits. Services, wholesale, and retail trade industries 25,000 account for 60% of slip and fall accidents. Slip and fall accidents occur every day in all occupations in the U.S. RISK FACTORS FOR SLIPS & FALLS SPILLS ON WALKING ICE, SNOW, OR RAIN LOOSE MATS OR RUGS BOXES & CONTAINERS POOR LIGHTING AND SURFACES VISIBILITY 5% Falls are the most common cause of TRAUMATIC Of falls result in BRAIN INJURIES. FRACTURED BONES. Each year, over 8 MILLION emergency room visits are due to slips, trips, and falls. TIPS TO PREVENT FALLS IDENTIFY SLIPPERY AREAS ELIMINATE MOISTURE Movable signs and cones should be used to highlight areas where moisture collects, but permanent signs should also be used in regularly hazardous areas such as pool decks, locker rooms, and areas with differences in elevation. Follow a frequent mopping schedule to remove moisture from floors. Also, usewell-placed floor mats to reduce water from being tracked inside. WEAR APPROPRIATE FOOTWEAR KEEP STEPS CLEAN AND CLEAR Staff members who work on wet or contaminated walking surfaces should wear slip-resistant shoes. Ensure that aisles and passageways are free of clutter and other tripping hazards. PERFORM ROUTINE CLEANING MAINTAIN OUTDOOR SURFACES Provide clean up supplies (e.g. paper towels, absorbent material, "wet floor" signs, etc.) at convenient locations throughout the facility. Outdoor surfaces need special attention during winter months due to the accumulation of ice and snow. Make sure to routinely remove snow and apply salt and sand. TIPS TO PREVENT ERRORS REDUCING HUMAN ERROR 388 Mats improve safety and morale by preventing human error. Anti-fatigue mats give employees the support they need to put full effort into every task they perform. Make sure workers take FREQUENT BREAKS PREVENTING WORKPLACE FALLS so they are alert. Soft, thin, and low-quality mats may also develop warped, cracked, or curling edges, which are tripping hazards that make it harder to move around efficiently and safely. To prevent this problem, anti-fatigue mats have cushions that are permanently molded rather than glued onto the base. INDUSTRIAL ANTI-FATIGUE MATS Encourage workers to STRETCH so that Ifyour employees operate heavy machinery or need to move quickly, they must stay alert and depend on a stable surface to stand comfortably and pivot when they don't injure themselves. necessary. • .. SOURCES ULTIMATE MATS 1-866-374-3756 ©2015

Slips, Trips, Falls & How to Keep Your Workers On The Ball

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Everyday 25,000 slip and fall accidents occur in all occupations in the United States. These lead to over 8 MILLION emergency room visits per year. Want to keep your workers safe? Check out these tips...


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