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Slips, trips and falls

SLIPS, TRIPS AND FALLS In 2011/12, the RIDDOR reporting system changed. This and later system changes have affected data quality and the practical definition of injury kinds 4. ( provides further explanation). Slips, trips & falls on the same level and falls from height (STF) are discussed together. Injury reports do not always allow us to make consistent distinctions between these two kinds of work-related injury. STFS ARE ASSOCIATED WITH MORE FATAL AND MAJOR/SPECIFIED INJURIES THAN ANY OTHER INJURY KIND. IN 2013/14 : Falls from height were the most common cause of fatalities, accounting for nearly THREE IN TEN (29%) fatal injuries to workers (RIDDOR); Slips & trips were the most common cause of major/specified injuries to employees, with falls from height the next most common (RIDDOR); 兰兰兰 STFS were responsible for more than HALF (57%) of all major/specified and almost THREE IN TEN (29%) over-seven-day injuries to employees, MAKING UP 36% of all reported injuries to employees (RIDDOR). INJURIES TO EMPLOYEES, 2013/14P (RIDDOR ALL ENFORCING AUTHORITIES) INJURY SLIPS & TRIPS FALLS FROM HEIGHT COMBINED STFS Fatal 2 19 21 Major/specified 7,742 2,895 10,637 Over-seven-day 13,841 3,038 16,879 Total 21,585 5,952 27,537 INJURIES TO THE SELF-EMPLOYED 2013/14P (RIDDOR ALL ENFORCING AUTHORITIES)5 INJURY SLIPS & TRIPS FALLS FROM HEIGHT COMBINED STFS Fatal 1 20 21 Major/specified 235 422 657 Over-seven-day 186 127 313 Total 422 569 991 THE LATEST LABOUR FORCE SURVEY (LFS) RATES OF SELF-REPORTED WORKPLACE NON-FATAL INJURY WITH OVER-THREE-DAY ABSENCE, AVERAGED 2011/12 – 2013/14, ARE: 190 PER 100 000 WORKERS FOR NON-FATAL SLIP AND TRIP INJURIES BETWEEN 48 AND 77 PER 100 000 WORKERS. ABOUT 1.5 MILLION WORKING DAYS WERE LOST DUE TO SLIPS & TRIPS AND FALLS: 986 THOUSAND 567 THOUSAND WORKING DAYS DUE TO WORKING DAYS DUE TO FALLS SLIPS & TRIPS FATAL SLIP, TRIP AND FALL INJURIES IN 2013/14P: 39 FATAL INJURIES TO WORKERS INVOLVED FALLS FROM HEIGHT, UNUSUALLY, THERE WERE ALSO THREE FATAL SLIPS & TRIPS; FATAL INJURIES TO WORKERS, BY KIND, 2013/14P (RIDDOR) Trapped by something collapsing Employee Struck by object Self employed Struck by moving vehicle Contact with machinery Fall from height All other ( less than 5 deaths) & unspecified kinds 10 30 40 50 60 ALL FATAL FALL INJURIES WERE TO MALES SEVEN OF THESE (18%) INVOLVED A WORKER AGED OVER 65 although such workers only make up about 4% of the male workforce ONE OF THE THREE FATAL SLIP TRIP INJURIES WAS TO A FEMALE; while the number of fatal injuries has generally continued to fall over the past 13 years, fatal fall injury numbers have remained steady; the percentage of fatal injuries that was due to falls from height has not decreased. About half of fatal fall injuries to workers were in construction (19); construction accounted for eight of the 20 fatal injuries to the self-employed and for 11 of the 19 to employees; nearly half of the coded occupations of workers killed by falls were construction-related; other industries with high numbers of fatal fall injuries were agriculture (6) admin and support 6 (5) and manufacturing (4). FATAL FALL INJURIES TO WORKERS, TOP THREE INDUSTRIES, 2001/02 TO 2013/14P 60 50 40 30 10 O 01/02 02/03 03/04 04/05 05/06 06/07 07/08 08/09 09/10 10/11 11/12 12/13 13/14 Construction Agriculture, Forestery, Fishing Manufacturing Source: CABLE AFE° 20 20

Slips, trips and falls

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