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Slaying Giants In Competitive AdWords Verticals

DAVID O GOLIATH Slaying Giants in Competitive AdWords Verticals Are your AdWords Cost Per Clicks for your industry biblically high? $1 IT'S SIMPLE – USE THE G.I.A.N.T. MЕТНOD THE PROBLЕМ You are a sole trader or small business that competes in the service industry against large national businesses. PROFESSIONS SUCH AS Plumber Mortage Broker IT Professional COST PER CLICK $20-45 COST PER CLICK COST PER CLICK $10-30 $30-60 Financial Planner Travel Agent Lawyer COST PER CLICK $20-90 COST PER CLICK COST PER CLICK $25-65 $10-25 You need leads for your business, but at industry standard conversionrates you simply can't afford the 'click' budget while waiting for your leads to close. THE SOLUTION You simply cannot afford to not convert your traffic to leads- when competing in ultra-competitive AdWords verticals conversion rate is everything IT'S EASY TO SEE IN NUMBERS: $20 Cost Per Click @ $1000 a month budget = 50 CLICKS per month 3% conversion rate = $666 per lead 10% conversion rate = $200 per lead (service industry standard) 15% conversion rate = $133 per lead 20% conversion rate = $100 per lead (where you need to be to dominate) Slinging a Good Conversion Rate from AdWords Let's go get that conversion rate! Geographic Settings G You know where your best clients are. With a limited budget, make sure you are advertising there first. Also remember to add geographic exclusions in your dud areas. Individual Campaigns Separate your highly relevant keywords and best converters into their own campaigns and assign them their own budgets. This will stop less relevant keywords using up all your daily budget. Adverts & Ad Extensions A Check on your ads and consider introducing new ad copy to test out how it will convert. Make sure you are using all of the possible ad extensions, especially call-out and phone extensions. Negative Keywords Check your search query report often and add any terms that are not relevant as negative keywords, consider doing this campaign wide as they come up. Time Schedule Competitive AdWords on a limited budget often means you cannot afford to run all day. Check your time schedule and try serving at different times / days to maximise the performance. Now Go And Slay Some GIANTS. Remember that DATA will be your best friend in making the above optimisation decisions! Or for professional help consider asking the team at ClickClick.Media ClickClick.Media

Slaying Giants In Competitive AdWords Verticals

shared by savjade on Sep 27
Competing on AdWords keywords that have a high cost per click might seem impossible, it is definitely not! Check out this info-graphic we put together to provide some tips on how to optimise your camp...


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