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Silicon Valley Girls

66I ping her from time to time to get her thinking about various startups and trends." 6"Sheryl Sandberg - Went to Harvard Business School "Lorna's husband works at Google a year ahead of me." in corporate development.He told me that I had to meet Lorna.." PROFESSIONAL TIES eBay/Yahool partnership 66Connected as two Work together on ron eBay/Yahool partnership 6"Sue and I were in the Canadian 'cyberchicks' in the Silicon Valley." Mayer manages Google's investment in Navigenics same class at HBS... joined to Yahoo to have the opportunity to work with Sue." Work together r manages Google's investment in 23andme Maye Wentto college together worked together at Yahoo 23 and me Acel eBay Facebook Google einer Perkins Navigenics Ning Yahoo Anne Theresia Lorrie Stephanie Tilenius Sheryl Sandberg Wojcicki Ranzetta Norrington Marissa Sukhinder Susan Juliet Aileen Lorna Borenstein Mayer Singh Cassidy Mari Baker Gina Bianchini Wojcicki Sue Decker Hilary Schneider Flint Lee Sisters 66I applied to school for two of our boys... Lorna was on the ---- e -.-- know through mutual friends board for the School Regularly meet for lunch and also worked at Share the same yoga instructor Sergei Brin "Initially met Sheryl through husband David Goldberg...We became fast friends and stay Yahoo.." SOCIAL TIES 6I actually had breakfast with her a day or so before her joining Facebook was publicly announced.." in close touch." 6"Have played poker in Aileen's basement speakeasy." "We also share a passion for U2 and flew to see them in Hawaii for Bono their last concert - 36-hour trip!!. 99 Capital One Finan cial (complete list), says cite “job flexi bility, development, and community ig other things, supplied nearly first CEOS to 350 other companies worldwide high-potential employees to the company's famed Crotonville, N.Y., leadership-development center 600 much earlier in their careers; in attracting top prospects, “that's a strong sellingpoint." itself, four of the first in the Dow Jones industrial average: Boe- For example, alumni of Procter & Gamble (first list on our list) ing (James McNerney), Home Depot (Frank Blake), Honeywell include Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, eBay CEO Meg Whitman, (David Cote). McNerney may hold a record, having worked for Intuit founder Scott Cook, AOL founder Steve Case, and even that new employees GE chief Jeff Immelt. Hindustan Unilever (second number) has (lesson learned). Of the many powerful forces driving companies people a lot more than talented people need organizations." Com- to develop leaders more effectively, the most important is the panies are finding that the advantages of building a reputation world economy's long-term shift from dependence on financial capital toward human capital. Even given the credit crunch, first-pick advantage," as the RBL Group calls it, an edge in attract- money for investment is more abundant than ever. It isn't 450 the ing the cream of 650 college and business-school students. scarce resource in business anymore; human ability is. Hewitt global-practice leader Robert Gandossy, who oversaw the Top Companies for Leaders study, says, "Organizations need talented drawing scarce talent in droves." By continually attracting the over the years. GE alumni run scores of companies, including, besides GE for developing talent are greater than they may have thought-"a Says Hewitt's Gandossy: "Companies that provide people with opportunities to learn and grow become talent magnets, three companies in our top ten–400 GE, P&G, and McKinsey 000 FORTUNE Month oo, 2008 Month oo, 2008 FORTUNE o00 married

Silicon Valley Girls

shared by Kristofferson on May 19
This graphic visualizes the social and professional connections between the powerful women of the Silicon Valley tech world. Whether it's graduating from the same business school, or meeting up for y...


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