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Signs of a malfunctioning ECM in your car

EUROPRO KEN BAKER ORIGINALS Signs of a Malfunctioning ECM in Your Car ग The ECM is a critical part that links the engine to the computer. 02 The ECM manages most of the functions of the engine. If the ECM malfunction, it could spell 03 trouble for the entire engine. Here are the signs of a malfunctioning ECM in your car. Poor engine performance Engine stalling Fuel economy deteriorates Poor engine performance Poor engine performance is associated with malfunctioning ECM. Your engine will have bad timing & won't get power efficiently. This will ultimately affect your car's ability to accelerate. Any kind of acceleration issue is associated with a bad engine control module. Engine stalling In addition to weak engine performance, you will experience engine stalling. At times engine stalling can also be caused due to malfunctioning ECM. The engine stalling is likely to be inconsistent as it may stall at times, However, don't overlook it & take your car to a certified repair shop. Fuel economy deteriorates When the ECM fails, the engine will not get the right amount of fuel. At times you will start burning more than usual just to sustain normal driving. This will affect your car's fuel economy & you will end up paying more at the fuel pump. In addition to this, you will also face starting issues in your car. Conclusion • The above-discussed signs are associated with ECM failure. • Take your car to a repair shop to address the issue quickly.

Signs of a malfunctioning ECM in your car

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Nowadays, cars are coming equipped with many advanced features that help in the smooth running and better performance of the vehicle. There are certain systems in your car that monitor the critical fu...


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