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:::Should you apply for that Job:::

SHOULD YOU APPLY FOR ΤΗΑT JOB? Finding that perfect job can be frustrating. There are many questions to consider when deciding which positions to apply for. Is the job real or a scam? Am I 100% "qualified"? Why has this position has been vacant for so long? So, let's find out whether you should apply for that job. WAS THE JOB POSTED MORE THAN 4 MONTHS AGO? Companies take anywhere from a few days to YES NO 4 months to fill a position.? An out-of-date job ad means it's likely this position is no longer HAS THE JOB available but the BEEN REPOSTED company forgot to MULTIPLE TIMES? remove the ad.1 Exception to the rule: YES NO Seasonal jobs will often be reposted multiple times. This could be a sign that the company IS THE IDENTITY OF has high turnover, THE EMPLOYER which often means UNCLEAR? it's a poor work environment. YES NO Without a company name, you can't Google them, check out their social media profiles or read employee IS THE NAME OF THE experiences on Glassdoor.³ EMPLOYER SIMILAR TO ANOTHER WELL-KNOWN COMPANY? YES+ JOB There are about 60 to 70 job scams for every one legitimate job posting. NO Piggybacking on well-known brands is a famous scammer's trick. DOES THE AD MENTION THAT THEY ARE HIRING MANY YES PEOPLE OR THAT YOU CAN EARN MONEY QUICKLY? If it seems like the advert is trying too hard to convince you that the company is successful, $:$ this could mean it's a scam.5 NO DOES THE SALARY SEEM TOO HIGH FOR THE POSITION OR STATE 'EARNING POTENTIAL' INSTEAD OF A SALARY? YES NO WORK SALAR A genuine job will usually have a salary that reflects the position. DO THEY ASK YOU TO CALL A PREMIUM RATE NUMBER? Scammers send texts or 0900 - PREMIUM missed call messages to YES NO victims asking them to call premium rate numbers for an initial phone interview. WILL THE INTERVIEW TAKE PLACE OVER INSTANT MESSENGER? An instant messenger can allow a scammer to remain anonymous as YES they try to get your information.i NO INFO DO THEY CLAIM THAT THE JOB IS PERFECT FOR STUDENTS OR 2$ YES STAY-AT-HOME PARENTS? 00 This suggests that the pay is going to be as low as it can get." NO DO THEY STRESS THAT YOU MUST HAVE A GOOD SENSE OF HUMOR? NO YES This suggests that the workplace isn't a professional DO THEY ASK THAT environment and YOU BE FLEXIBLE that they have an WITH TASKS? exclusive work culture. 7 TASK TASK YES TASK TASK Without a list of roles and responsibilities, you may be asked to do tasks that you aren't qualified for or comfortable with.? NO ARE THEY ASKING YOU TO WORK FOR FREE OR FOR LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE FOR A TRIAL PERIOD? YES 15 DAYS The US NO Department of Labor states that any productive labor be paid under minimum-wage laws. DO THEY SAY THAT YOU MUST BE ABLE TO HANDLE HIGH STRESS LEVELS? This suggests that work-life balance is not a priority at this YES company and indicates a poor work environment.' NO WERE YOU CONTACTED 'OUT-OF THE-BLUE' AND SCAM DID THE MESSAGE CONTAIN ANY 'RED FLAGS'? Red Flags can include: - Guarantee of income or a job. - Confirmation that you made the cut and are invited to an interview. - Request for personal details. YES NO HAVE THEY ASKED YOU TO Scammers can try PROVIDE CONFIDENTIAL to entice you into handing over INFORMATION? money and/or personal details. Pro Tip: Before entering any personal information, make YES sure the website is secure by looking at the web address bar. If the company asked you to provide bank details, your social security number, your DOB or a copy or your The address should be https:// not http:// NO driver's license then it could be an identity theft scam. ® WHEN GOOGLING THE COMPANY NAME, DO YOU STRUGGLE TO FIND MORE INFORMATION ASIDE FROM JOB POSTINGS? (The average identity theft loss using this kind of confidential information is $6,000. 600GLE YES A legitimate business, however old, will usually have a website, a social media presence and NO employees listed on LinkedIn. This is likely to be a scam. DOES THE COMPANY HAVE ONLY NEGATIVE REVIEWS ON GLASSDOOR? Every company will have some good YES and some bad reviews. But all bad suggests an issue.10 NO DOES THE COMPANY HAVE A B-MAIL NON-BUSINESS EMAIL ADDRESS? Consider: Does the email address end in or another free email service? YES Pro Tip: Scammers may use email NO addresses that look legitimate so always Google scam A legitimate to check that it's not company will usually have a business been reported. email address. IS EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE UNPROFESSIONALLY WRITTEN? YES Real, professional companies won't write emails that include spelling mistakes, bad NO grammar and blatant punctuation errors. DOES THE AD MENTION THAT YOU'LL BE EXPECTED TO MAKE YOURSELF AVAILABLE 23:46 OUT OF REGULAR WORKING HOURS? YES NO If you're expected to be available all the time, the role could take over your life or impact your family.10 CAN THE LOCATION BECOME AN ISSUE? Consider: - Will you have to relocate? - Will you have enough time to comfortably commute? YES VALUES NO+ DOES THE COMPANY CULTURE CONFLICT WITH YOUR PERSONAL VALUES? Consider: -Checking out the company's social media accounts (especially Instagram) to see if you align YES with their business culture. NO ONHAPPY WILL THE JOB MAKE YOU UNHAPPY? Consider: - Can you see yourself doing this job for an extended period? - Is the role challenging enough or will you be bored in a few months? - Do you get excited just thinking about the role? - If you are unemployed and have other options, be cautious when applying for a job that will make you unhappy. YES NO 2x as many professionals believe that enjoying their jobs is a better measure of career success than having a high salary." NO YES YOU SHOULDN'T APPLY YOU SHOULD APPLY FOR THAT JOB. FOR THAT JOB. JOB APPLY JOB APPLY Whether or not to apply for a job is a potentially life-changing decision. So, if your gut is telling you something is off, or your inner voice says it could be the wrong move – use this flowchart to help you make a rational and informed decision. IT'S YOUR FUTURE AFTER ALL. SOURCES 1. Monster. (2018). 7 job-posting red flags. 2. Linkedin. (2018). Linkedin global recruiting trends report 2017. 3. Joyce, S.P. (2018). Avoid Job Scams: 9 Characteristics of Scam Jobs. 4. Howington, J. (2015). Survey: More Millennials Than Seniors Victims of Job Scams. 5. Ryan, L. (2016). Five Signs That Job Advertisement Is A Scam. 6. UCAS. (2018). Job scams and internet fraud. 7. Pinola, M. (2015). The Red Flags You Should Look Out for During Your Job Search. 8. Doyle, A. (2018). Top 10 Job Scam Warning Signs. 9. Experian. (2017). 2017 Data Breach report. 10. Ryan, L. (2018). Ten Red Flags That Scream 'Do Not Take This Job'. 11. Greedus, A. (2018). Brits reveal job satisfaction is far more important than This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License - %24

:::Should you apply for that Job:::

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Finding that perfect job can be frustrating. There are many questions to consider when deciding which positions to apply for. Is the job real or a scam? Am I 100% “qualified”? Why has this positio...


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