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Should I Eat This at My Desk?

SHOULD I EAT THIS AT MY DESK? Culinary Advice for Maintaining Workplace Harmony GOOD RECIPES FOR MAKING ENEMIES Looking for a passive-aggressive way to settle a score? Look no further than vinegar as a condiment, fresh red onions, sauerkraut, hard-boiled eggs, or any food that can make people ask, "Did someone just take off their shoes?" Warning: Results may vary. WHOA, WHOA, THIS IS A "NO" Avoid Gorgonzola, Limburger or any other cheese described as "an acquired taste," as well as steamed broccoli, seafood (no, that "exception" isn't an exception), boiled cabbage, brussel sprouts, and garlic (most folks agree, there's no such thing as "a little garlic.") THINK BEFORE YOU STINK Microwave popcorn is a treat, but buming it ruins everyone's day, fast food is easy, but french fry odor outlasts the actual fries by several days; curied take-out is delicious, but might make your cubicle smell like a food cart. Rule of thumb: When in doubt, just eat out. FOOD LIKE THIS WILL NEVER MISS Pale, nearly flavorless foods like white rice, white bread, sauceless pasta, baked potatoes (no bacon, which elicits jealousy), celery sticks, oatmeal, American cheese, and pudding are unlikely to offend even the most sensitive office olfactory units. The bottom line? Eat what you want, just be considerate of your colleagues. Hopefully they'll do the same. VOLT Workforce Solutions

Should I Eat This at My Desk?

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Want to send your coworkers a subtle hint about the food they're heating in the office microwave?


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