Shortcuts To Landing Your First Job

JOB VACANO Looking u joba SHORTCUTS to LANDING YOUR FIRST JOB GRADUATES AND EMPLOYMENT IN NUMBERS HIRE ME Only 74.5% of the 1.3 million recent college graduates are employed 9-10% emplayed of non-college graduates are unemployed The overall unemployment rate for recent college graduates is The overall unemployment rate for graduate degree holders is 7.9% 3.3% NORTH DAKOTA 3.1% 4.4% - 8.7% 3.9% 9.6% 4.7% 9.2% 4.0% 8.8% 19.0% THE STATES WITH THE HIGHEST UNEMPLOYMENT RATES THE STATES WITH THE LOWEST UNEMPLOYMENT RATES SUCCESS IN ACADEMIC MAJORS 14.7% MAJORS WITH THE LOWEST UNEMPLOYMENT RATES 12.6% 12.8% MAJORS WITH THE HIGHEST UNEMPLOYMENT RATES 11.1% 11.4% 5.8% 5.9% 4.8% 5.0% 5.2% FINDING THE DREAM JOB Explore UNDEŘSTAND YOURSELF AND YOUR CAREER NEEDS FIRST What types of activities do you enjoy most? (building, drawing, selling, etc...) What type of environment do you like to work in? (big company, small company, etc...) Where do your friends work? (As it might be easier to get in with a referral) DEVELOP A CAREER ACTION PLAN TO REACH YOUR GOALS Create a Career Action Plan: SPECIFIC MEASUREABLE ATTAINABLE RELEVANT TIMEBOUND 10 YRS 1 YR V Make a list of your interests V Follow up with a list of companies you're interested in V Reference your network of friends and family to see if they can help V Research job fairs where the companies you're interested in are present Set "SMART" goals Break Your Goals into Groups (Short-term and Long-term goals) V Go on LinkedIn to find recruiters/HR personnel and begin cold emailing Prepare GIVE YOUR BEST SHOT ON YOUR RESUME: HIGHLIGHT WHO YOU ARE, WHAT YOU CAN DO AND WHAT YOU WANT TO BE DOING 1 Support it with any projects, classes you have taken, and things you might have 2. Include any certificates or awards you have received Add photos of your work when 3. appropriate Apply YOUR RESUME AND COVER LETTER CAN HELP YOU GET AN INTERVIEW BUT NETWORKING, NEGOTIATING, AND INTERVIEWING WILL GET YOU THE JOB Google Build an online reputation Participate in discussion groups relevant to the job you're applying for Comment on blogs Blog and continue to have an online presence as much as possible and news articles in your field of interest YOU MUST NETWORK! 80% 94% 63.4% of jobs are found through networking of successful job hunters claim that of all workers use informal networking made all the difference job finding techniques LEVERAGE YOUR EXISTING NETWORK FIRST - FRIENDS AND FAMILY Learn what they do, where they work, and get ideas on how to get past interviews in general and survive the first years Discuss your interests and goals with them and get feedback. They can connect you to people that might help OFFER FREE HELP 2$ Offer to work for free Figure out people and companies in your areas of interest - to get exposure and experience See if you're connected to them somehow - if yes, ask to get introduced HOW TO CONNECT WITH POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS Google SEE IF FRIENDS / FAMILY CAN REFER YOU Linked in Referrals hold lot of value SEARCH FOR THE EMPLOYER ONLINE facebook Participate in conversations - offer answers, opinions, thoughts... nothing like a comment that stands out Quora 79% 9999999q99 of employers now conduct an online search of applicants 70% say they have turned down applicants by what they found online PARTICIPATE IN CONVERSATIONS.. GIVE IDEAS. THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO GET INVOLVED WITH A COMPANY INTERVIEWING Pаерале: Employers interview candidates to determine: Be concise in Be confident Are you qualified for this job? your statements (Training, classes, prior experience, skills) 3. Will you like this job? (Your passion for the role, the company, its products or services) Think on your Research the feet company beforehand Can we tolerate you? Your personality and if it's a good fit for the company environment 5. Show energy and drive during the interview NEGOTIATION AFTER A JOB OFFER, BE PREPARED TO NEGOTIATE 100% 90% 90% of employers find it acceptable to negotiate job offers of employers offer less initially because they expect to negotiate of employers want their applicant to accept and be satisfied But only about 25% of job applicants actually negotiate Negotiation Tips When negotiating, weigh in tangible and intangible value of the position TANGIBLE INTANGIBLE Compensation, benefits and perks Experience at a great company, exposure to a field you like, working with smart people and company culture. SOURCES: collegefeed reerlab/files/uploads/TS_Networking_1.pdf Information Systems Architecture Anthropology Film, Video and Photography Arts Political Science Finance Chemistry ysicat Nursing

Shortcuts To Landing Your First Job

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According to a recent study, the overall unemployment rate for recent college graduates roughly eight percent. As competition in the job market continues to intensify day after day, it’s important f...


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