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ShopWell: The Matching System

2 ShopWell The Matching System: How It Works Profile & Preferences indrtr Select your age and gender, and personalize your profile with preferences We match you with a base health score for your age and gender created by an expert panel of practicing Registered Dietitians. अ Patent Pending Algorithm Peonatas Mutrtion Facte en+c2n3+c4n2. 3 Then, our patent pending algorithm assigns weights to key components of the FDA regulated nutrition label and ingredient trong match for you 89 70-100 lists so you get personalized scores based on how well foods meet your needs. 54 40-69 medium match for you Personalized Tools DD Similar Products 22 2 Discovor Lists Weve compled apeoal ltmh y you pet tarted Bave them ar naga the Trade Ups 0-39 weak match for you Millet Blackberries We have selected 6 ists for you based on your profle e Raw Rew Brosidast foode Chipe & Crackers warning: allergenvintolerance 100 Trade Up 97 A a Your personalized A nutrition label ShopWell's personalized tools help you select foods for your nutrition needs or trade up to make better food choices. Peraonalzed for 1,012 calbres ar Nutrition Facts Serving Sae1 CCan Dervings Per C nert Caonos ton Fat teo Total at Baturared FeT Trane Fbg Choleer 0m Soum10g Potasslum Teral Cachetedrate With personalized food scores, ShopWell helps you build a healthy grocery list by narrowing Dey ber 29 the options to foods that work best for you. Vane A 155 325 Viar C Teen V Athletic Training Adult VGluten Intolerance Senior VHigh Blood Pressure Things vou want: Calcium Folic Acd kon Potassam Protein O Avoid: Gluten O Alergies & Ietelerances Dreos the score wn to 0 Things you want: Calcum Fiber Whole Graina Potaseium Things you don't: +Add things you dont want Things you don't: Added Suger High Cholesterol High Sodium 78 Srong matet for you Dontag Frosted Wheat Cereal 60 Medu matuh tor you Dont agre Frosted Wheat Cereal Bite Size Biscuits Original 24 0z Frosted Wheat Cereal DAdd to List econne DAdd to st Pemonaliae this Ntion Labe Persoraliza this Wnak mate for yo Dontagee 2 Nutribon Label Nutrition Facts Frosted Wheat Cereal This cortaine Gluten Nutrition Facts Trade Ups Sev er e साम ।। V Bu you wat Crispy Rice Cereal Crispy Rice Cereal Gluten Free Whole Grain Ingredients Who Gn Whe Sug. Conai DHT For e Vanira And Mine Good Soue of Aod ग Good Soute of Peen taeen oe ef e Stuff you want Oergod t Delen ta Ee See of e Ele Soe of r Low Che Good Soure o Protes Ingredients Whole Gran Whe Sr. ContainsOrLes OBen Ree ye Galatn SHT Fer Preshness Vanina And Mnea: heduced ton. Naoinamide, Vam Prrdcene Hydrocniorde Van 02oetavin, Wann Thianin Hyoohioride Zne Ce. Fo Aod, Veme B2 Contas Wet ngree LOw Oeste Low Sad * Stt you dontwant hos Gan Stuff you dont want •Low Saturated Aded Sgar Low Sedium Whale Grain Oer goodsun Et e of bo

ShopWell: The Matching System

shared by kcatoto on Mar 23
Many of ShopWell's blog readers know that ShopWell utilizes technology to improve personal nutrition, but not all of them know exactly how the process works. Here's a fun infographic representation of...




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