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ShareIn Equity Crowdfunding

SAY HELLO TO Equity crowdfunding is the process whereby a company raises money by selling its shares to a large number of people SHARΕIN THE UK'S FIRST TECH & HEALTH FOCUSED EQUITY CROWDFUNDING WEBSITE. DO YOU HAVE MONEY TO INVEST NEED FUNDING TO GROW Equity crowdfunding is an increasingly popular and efficient way for growing businesses to raise capital. In the UK Shareln is paving the way with a focus on high tech and health companies. Investing in a growing company can be both exciting and extremely rewarding. Truly incredible tax breaks are available for investing in early-stage companies. In most cases they dramatically reduce your investment risk and in some cases totally mitigate it. Read our blog for more info. REGISTER Sign up in moments. Please note that However, there is a high risk associated with any crowdfunding investment and you should never invest more than you can afford to lose. your company must be UK registered to list on Shareln. On Shareln, you're free to choose whether you invest tens, hundreds or thousands of pounds. It's easy to sign up and we've ensured that the process of investment is straightforward. PREPARE Take a look at how other companies have pitched and discover what information we'll require. Then create your pitch video(s), gather any other useful visual assets that will help to sell your idea and enter your details. Ask friends or advisors to sense-check your pitch. REGISTER To view live pitches on Shareln you A pitch video is the best way to pitch to are required to register. We only ask for a few details and it should take investors in a concise and engaging manner. If you need help producing the video we can you less than a minute. If you want to be able to invest you must certify that you are over 18, a UK resident and that you are financially savvy. help: contact us for more information Find more detalls on this in the "About' section on LAUNCH PITCH The maximum pitch duration is 60 days Once you're happy with your pitch, it to Shareln for approval. We'II review it and get back to you. Select the level of listing fee that's right for you and what legal agreements you want. Then pay the listing fee to Shareln and choose the day and time when your pitch will become live. SEARCH Our search tools act like a match-making service, helping you to find pitching companies that suit your interests or financial requirements. You can view pitches, get detail on financial performance and future spending plans, and learn about BROADCAST Tell everyone about it, and we mean everyone. You should be aiming to get as many visitors as possible to view your pitch in order to maximise your chances of successful funding. management teams. Think about your business contacts; prior investors; existing customer databases; relevant bloggers; a PR story to take to journalists; using social networks; relevant online groups, forums or websites; and so on. BELIEVE Like what you've seen? Great. Time to invest in a company you believe in. INVEST PITCH SUCCESS If you reach your minimum target, your pitch has succeeded and you will receive funding to deliver your plans. Your pitch won't close until either you reach your maximum target or your funding window is up. Decide how much you are willing to invest, from £10 up. We have streamlined the completion process so that we aim for you to receive your fund- ing within two weeks of pitch close. SUPPORT 000 in We've made it easy for you to tell friends, family, followers and colleagues about your chosen company. The more people you tell, the more likely it is that their pitch will succeed. SHAREHOLDERS Your new shareholders will receive their share certificates via the Shareln website. PITCH SUCCESS If the pitching company meets their funding target, the pitch is successful and your investment is paid to the company in return for shares. RETURNS If a pitch is unsuccessful, If you are able to provide your shareholders with an no money changes hands exit route they will have the opportunity to make a return. Equally, when you decide to pay dividends they will get their share. We've developed crowdfunding friendly legal terms so this won't be a headache. SHAREHOLDER T TAN CON Congratulations, you are now a shareholder in an exciting UK company. RETURNS As a shareholder, if the company is sold or if it decides to pay dividends, you'll receive your share. However, be aware that as with all growing companies it's most likely that, initially, any profits will probably be used to fund further growth. Remember: investing in companies listed on Shareln is a long term investment decision. If your chosen company is eligtble for EIS or SEIS we'll explain how you can claim up to 100% tax relief from HMRC INVEST IN COMPANIES WITH BIG IDEAS SHARE IN THEIR SUCCESS

ShareIn Equity Crowdfunding

shared by gavrog on Mar 06
ShareIn is the UK's first tech & health equity crowdfunding platform. This flow chart describes how the platform works to benefit both investors and companies seeking funding to grow. Believe!


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