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Seven Steps to Building a Strong Brand







Seven Steps to Building a Strong Brand

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Seven Steps to Building a Strong Brand Infographic

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a strong brand. Well wonder no more... Our leading ethos is to apply big brand thinking to every piece of work we deliver. Most people immediately think big brand thinking is all about budget, but it's not. We believe... no, actually we know, that big brand thinking is actually about process and execution. In this edition of 'Marketing Tit-Bits' we identify and define seven steps to build a strong brand. Whether you're a bakery in Cardiff, an accountant in Bristol or a law firm in London, if you follow these steps you can build a strong brand, a brand that will create a personal connection with your audience 02 zenO MARKETING TIT-BITS SEVEN STEPS TO BUILDING A STRONG BRAND Dan doesu't Wear hats - they mess his hair up! Each of the world's great brands: Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Virgin, Sony etc. have an in-built recognition, not only of the identity, literature or packaging but of the values, product expectation, integrity and target audience of the brand. However, you don't have to be a multinational company to develop a strong brand. While not all will be appropriate to your own business, and you may find some overlap or conflict, hopefully one or two of the following tips and guidelines will help when developing your brand strategy in the future. BEM NOTICED: BE NOTICED Make an impact - make people remember your brand • Proliferate your brand by linking to memorable phrases, images and positive brand benefits • Make your first impression count. Don't let yourself down with a tatty business card, dodgy home made literature or a poorly designed advert. • Humour is a good ice-breaker and memory hook - but be careful not to cause offence! 01 BE CON NEC TED 02 BE CONNECTED Consider how your customers relate to your brand? Is it immediately apparent what you're about? • Consider style and content that is appropriate for your line of business that your audience will respond more positively to. Remember the cultural and sociological significance of your brand. What, for example, do the colours of your brand signify? Does your brand have subliminal recognition? Are you a safe option, a safe pair of hands, a brand they can trust? Be Clear 03 BE CLEAR Don't baffle your customer. Don't overload with too much technical data. Speak in a language the Be Sure of Yourself 4. customer understands. • Test and measure the brand and message. Everyone has different opinions, but take a general consensus. The one who decides if your message is clear is the customer not yoU. Focus. Who are you targeting and why? Clear design can give room for the message to breathe and isn't drowned out with excessive text or unrelated imagery. Don't be scared of white space, it can work to draw attention. BE CONSISTENT BE CONSISTENT BE CONSISTENT BE CONSISTENT BE CONSISTENT 04 BE SURE OF YOURSELF Make your benefit clear and obvious. Don't mix your signals. Don't be scared of putting off 20% of your potential audience if it results in the other 80% bringing in new business. 05 Maintain consistent messaging promotes the feeling of solidity and security with customers, making you easier to trust. • Does your website look like it belongs with your business card? Does your literature convey the same message as your vehicle graphics? Consistency is also an aid to memory. BE CONSISTENT Be Diferent 06 BE DIFFERENT Assess your competitors. What are they doing wrong? How do you differ? Why are you better? How do you differ? Don't be afraid to sell why you are better, and let the customer know why they should choose you. • Use contrast in design layout to emphasise the message. 07 BE DIRECT Give your customer an invitation for interaction. Make it easy for them and make the call to action obvious within your design. E ezenosquad f /zenomarketing in /zeno-marketing zeno ZENO IS YOUR FULL-SERVICE, OUTSOURCED MARKETING DEPARTMENT. FIND OUT MORE AT WWW.ZENO- MARKETING.CO.UK The Marketing Gys 7 BE DIRECT BE DIRECT

Seven Steps to Building a Strong Brand

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a strong brand. Well wonder no more... Our leading ethos is to apply big brand thinking to every piece of work we deliver. Most people immediately think...


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