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Serving customer experience

Serving Customer Experience High WHO ARE YOU CONNECTING WITH? CONSUMER TYPOLOGIES AND CORRESPONDING BRAND TYPOLOGIES IN THE UK Sensory Natural BRANDS HELP ME 47% 53% BRANDS HELP ME BE BE WHO I AM WHO I'D LIKE TO BE RESPECT COMMANDERS like to be in control and desire brands that reflect their own values - BADGE WEARERS desire brands that help them feel unique and project confidence, success and sophistica- tion: 18% of consumers in the study Emotional Enlightened hard working and successful: 12% of consumers STATUS BRANDS are outspoken, competitive, focused on image, independent, aggressive, sophisti- cated, for example Porsche, Apple: 15% of brands in the UK RESPECT BRANDS are hard working, organised, assertive, tra- ditional, wise, serious, for example FT, Red Cross, Rolls-Royce: 18% of UK brands Physical Transactional COOL HUNTERS PLAY IT SAFES desire less risky, tried-and-trusted brands that provide reliability and reassurance: 23% of consumers like brands that help make them look or feel cool and in the know: 15% of consumers COOL BRANDS are risk-taking, laid back, imaginative, sexy, exciting, modern, for example Ferrari, Axe, Benefit: 13% of UK brands REASSURING BRANDS are reliable, practical, conservative, sensi- ble, reassuring, realistic, reserved, for example Disprin, Scholl, Quaker: 16% of UK brands Product Naive SOCIAL BUTTERFLIES desire brands that help them to be outgo- ing, optimistic and lend social currency: 20% of consumers RESPONSIBLES SOCIALABLE desire sensible, serious brands that help promote wellbeing - brands that share their own values: 12% of consumers Low Product features SOCIABLE BRANDS CARING BRANDS are spontaneous, open minded, sociable, fun, approachable, for example Pringles, Twitter, YouTube: 18% of UK brands are careful, considerate, co-operative, fo- cused on wellbeing, for example Unicef, wWF, Calpol: 12% of UK brands Services relations Customer experience Source of differentation Source: Brand Desire, 2013 Source: Beyond Philosophy, Revolutionise Your Customer Experience WHAT DRIVES CUSTOMER LOYALTY? NAIVE TO NATURAL CHARACTERISTICS TYPE OF SOME CHARACTERISTICS COMPANY 73% 55% 36% 33% PERCENTAGE OF FIRMS AT THIS Have highest level of customer experience capability LEVEL OF DEVELOPMENT Natural Have an experience map 9% 2% Naïve Natural Focus on depth of emotion Use theatre as a delivery method said a good said friendly employees or customer service representatives said the ability to find information or request said personalised experiences reputation 22% Enlightened help easily Have some advanced customer experience capability Have appointed a customer experience director or council Enlightened CONSEQUENCES OF CUSTOMER DISSATISFACTION Customer experience measures form large part of bonus 67% Transactional Focus on stimulating planned emotions and build these into the 89% design of the customer experience of customers surveyed began doing business with a competitor Have some basic customer 26% experience capability posted a negative comment on a social networking site... Functionally organised but have recognised need for customer service Transactional 79% No complete view of customers on systems of which were ignored by the organisation they attacked Take into account customer physical expectation Source: ELOQUA, 2013 Have little or no customer experience capability Product focused - price and features lead Customers asked to call on different numbers for different parts of the company CUSTOMERS Naïve LOOKING FOR A COMPANY ON THEIR 62% 42% 23% Efficiency and productivity are the most important key performance indicators SMARTPHONE EXPECT... mobile-friendly website mobile app location-specific experience Source: Beyond Philosophy, Revolutionise Your Customer Experience Source: Forreseter Research, 2013 TOP 10 NET PROMOTER TESCO mobile HARGREAVES LANSDOWN Saga 26 Freeview A Santander A Santander A Nationwide LV first direct plusnet 37 SCORES* FOR UK 73 43 38 38 34 34 28 27 BRANDS, 2015 Banking Cellular phone Brokerage/ investments Banking Credit cards Auto insurance Cable/satellite TV service Banking Internet service Auto insurance service *Customer experience metric Source: Satmetrix, 2015 Deliberately executed components of a customer experience Customer Customer focus

Serving customer experience

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Infographic examining the role of the customer in driving transformation including what drives customer loyalty, key consumer and brand typologies, top ten Net Promoter Scores for UK brands in 2015 an...






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