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SEO vs SMO Comparison

SEO SMO VS. SEO aims to get a The purpose of SMO is to share website link on the top using organic methods like keyword optimization, link building, good design, etc. SEO convinces the content on social media platforms. These content is liked and shared in the hopes to create awareness about the product and search engine to put it in the top result. Inorganic methods are Pay Per Click ads. business. THE RELATIONSHIP TRAFFIC Doesn't matter from where the source is (search engine or social media site), more the traffic a website gets, the higher its SEO rank will be. SHARE-ABILITY CONTENT Consider social media as a place of endorsement. The more likes and shares it gets, the more it is endorsed, and more importantly, putting up content on social media platform is the best place to have content shared. SEO RANK Search engine do take social media platforms into consideration when giving an SEO. High social activity and followers tells a search engine that this brand/business is very relevant. THE COMPARISON LINK BUILDING SEO: Inbound links are a large determining factor in rankings. SMO: Links are a result of success, which means that SEO benefits from good SMO. ON PAGE ELEMENTS SEO: Title tags, headers, image title, bold text and use of keywords are all influential on search engine rankings. SMO: Coding and tags are not so important, while visual attention grabbers make a bigger impact. TITLES SEO: The title tag of a page tells the search engines what a page is about and carries a lot of weight in the rankings. SMO: Titles and headlines are extremely important for grabbing attention and getting users to click-through. CONTENT MUST BE EASILY READABLE Sample Text Sample Text SEO: By search engine spiders. Sample Text Sample Text Sample Text Sample Text SMO: By human readers. mple T CONTENT SEO: Quality content is important in order to rank well. SMO: Quality content is important in order to hold the readers' attention and win their approval. CONTENT PLUS SEO: Content alone will not produce high rankings. NEWSLETTER AINGFAGEBOOK TARKETINGE CONTENT WEBSITEINST The structure of the site must also be sound. SMO: While quality content is essential, visual presentation can also make a big difference. ANALYSIS SEO: Analysis is necessary in order to know which changes have made an impact (positive or negative) on the site's rankings. SMO: Analysis is necessary to know what types of content draws interest. PREDICTABILITY / THE BENEFIT OF EXPERIENCE: SEO: Experts are able to reproduce success with new sites (although it's not as easy as it sounds), as the same elements can be applied. SMO: Those who know the social media audience can recreate success by publishing posts and headlines specifically for this purpose WHICH MAKES THE BIGGEST IMPACT ON YOUR LEAD GENERATION GOALS? SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING SOCIAL MEDIA 17.9% MARKETING SEO 24.8% SEO 57.4% 41.0% PPC 24.8% PPC 34.2% B2B B2C POINTS TO TAKE AWAY SMO offers the chance to contact the clients and customers on a At the same time, it is also imperative to have visibility in the search engines and that is possible with effective SEO. personal level and answer all their questions to get more business. In all, both SMO & SEO are used to attract traffic, increase rankings, popularity and site success. This is the reason that a blend of both SEO & SMO is required for a successful website. CRESTMEDIA INTER NET M ARKETING Source m/web-graphic-design-services &h=1656&w=2560&tbnid=llgz4iRdMkIGpM:&zoom=1&docid=RMPDbilviXEtMM&ei=400KVYN4M6W7MAXG_6NACQ&tbm=isch&ved=0CCOQMY gRMBFqFQoTCInolrG02sYCFaUdpgodxn8KmA Disclaimer: All data & images are based on the best we could find at the time. We expressly disclaim any liability for any omissions of information or errors in fact.

SEO vs SMO Comparison

shared by AlishaDavis on Jul 27
SEO vs. SMO: What's the Difference, and Why Should You Care? Online marketing is all about awareness and visibility. Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO) are two of the...


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