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SEO in China: What Companies Need to Know to Succeed

SEO IN CHINA What companies need to know about SEO in China I'm feeling lucky About 619,000,000 results (0.35 seconds) 1.357 billion (2013) Population of China - 1.3 billion China, Population • China 1.357 billion 1.5B A TIN TAI PO • India 1.252 billion Tai Mo Sh 0 ountry Pa 目 山 郊野 公 。 1.0B • United States of America 316.5 million 0.58 SAI K ry Park N A KWAI CHUNG 蔡 涌 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 Tsing Yi 3 A LAI CHI KOK 7 50% 83% Internet usage in China - Almost 50% 83% report using mobile as a means to browse IN MAY OF 2013, CHINA BLOCKED GOOGLE 3 Major Search Engines in China: oogle - Baidu (controls 82% of market share) - Qihou 360 - Sogou BAIDU BY THE NUMBERS 500 million monthly active users 160 million daily mobile search users 488,000 online marketing customers Key Differences Between Google and Baidu Their Algorithms Baidu has its own ranking algorithm, which works differently than Google. Baidu knows the difference between good and bad links, but it's nowhere near as intelligent as Google. BAIDU GOOGLE Baidu gives more merit to link quantity rather than link quality Google gives more authority to link quality DUPLICATE CONTENT Baidu penalizes websites with duplicate content Google only penalizes websites with spammy duplicate content META KEYWORD TAGS (META KEYWORDS) Meta keyword tags still matter in Baidu! Google does not pay attention to meta keyword tags HOW TO OPTIMIZE FOR BAIDU Language • Baidu will crawl any language, but gives preference to simplified Chinese ... • Your content and meta tags should be written in both simplified Chinese and English • English is not important to optimize for in Baidu • Make sure that every advertisement & landing page is properly translated Hosting / Domain • Host your website within China's "Great Firewall" • Use s domain ending in', .cn' or .com • This is also a prerequisite to obtaining an Internet Content Publisher (ICP) License Links • Baidu prefers links that have relevance to your site • Consider linking to websites that use a '.cn' domain and has content in simplified Chinese characters Adwords VS. Tuigang • Tuigang is the Chinese equivalent of Adwords • Besides a business license, you'll also have to use a specific authorized agent to set up a Tuigang account. • Do your research! Baidu PPC (pay per click) prices are substantially higher compared to Google in many sectors. WAYS TO MARKET YOUR BRAND BAIDU'S 'BRAND ZONE ---- ul. Sits on top of organic search results Gives information on a company and its brand Often contains promotional videos and the latest deals BAIDU UNION' • Lets your brand display ads across other Baidu online properties Require you to outbid other competitors with the same keywords and keyphrases GOOGLE USES 'ADSENSE' WHILE BAIDU USES WANGMENG Wangmeng targets a network more focused on Chinese sites BAIDU SHARE @ 31 ilul "Share' lets marketers can drive more traffic to their websites via social media Mwi SOURCES: • • • •

SEO in China: What Companies Need to Know to Succeed

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Learn the differences that come with implementing SEO strategies in China, particularly focusing on the importance of optimizing for the country's leading search engine: Baidu.


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