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Senstar: Security Infographics

Critical Infrastructure Protection Infographics SENSTAR The problem with video surveillance Stop recording events and start preventing them. The number of screens that a guard can pay attention to. and only for short periods. 80 OOD OEC The number of screens required to cover an 8km perimeter 口 ロ 口 □□□□□ D5 Strategy The 5 layers of an effective perimeter security system D2 D4 D5 D1 D3 Demarcation Deter Detect Delay Defeat Sensors identify Visible signage to prevent innocent trespassing. Multiple layers of perimeter security and "sterile zone' Delay gives first responders time to intercept and restrain intruder High fence with razor wire intrusion before an external perimeter is breached The high cost of inaction A small upfront investment can save very valuable assets $375 Million $300,000 Cost of asset: Moura photovoltaic farm Cost of 3000-meter perimeter Critical Infrastructure Assets Pipelines and Oil & Gas facilities Protect against catastrophic explosions threatening lives and property and economic disaster caused by reduced fuel production Transportation hubs With high concentrations of travellers and critical flow of goods, many lives can be impacted with little effort 雨 Power Utilities Disruption can cause massive economic, social and health issues Water Utilities Disruption or sabotage of treatment and contamination of distribution can lead to mass illness and death Communication Utilities Disruption can reduce effectiveness of security and protection measures, likely a starting point for multiple attacks to slow response times Concept of Operations (CONOPS) A Multi-layered approach Senstar is the only company that develops this comprehensive suite of technologies to build customized solutions The 3 key elements for comprehensive security Taut Wire Human Fence-mounted sensors Resources Technology Buried cable sensors CONOPS Microwave Ground protection radar Processes

Senstar: Security Infographics

shared by TonyDoshen on Nov 25
We were engaged to develop a series of infographics to explain some the the key concepts in perimeter security and to highlight significant competitive advantages over other technologies.


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Tony Doshen


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