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Send It Forward: Get Your Emails Shared

SEND IT = Forward While a good email marketing campaign should inspire its recipient to take action, a truly successful email does more than engage the viewer-it compels them to share the message with others. Most marketers are already incorporating social sharing into their emails, but what really makes the subscribers click the social buttons? We take a look at what motivates people to share and why. > WHY CONTENT IS SHARED 73% of participants indicated they share information because it helps them connect with others whe share their interests. The New York Times Customer Insight Group conducted a survey in which participants provided reasons why they shared information online with others. Most respondents motivation for sharing content was to establish or maintain relationships with others. THE KEY MOTIVATORS BEHIND SHARING CONTENT WITH OTHERS: To Bring Valuable Content To Inform Others To Define Themselves 94% carefuly 49% ry tharing 68% hare te allows them to inform give people a better sense of who they consider how the others of preducts they information they share will be uneful care about and are and what they care about. to the recipient. potentially change epiniens or encaurage action. To Nourish Existing Relationships For Self Fulfillment To Spread Awareness +85% ay reading 69% share 84% share other people's responses helps them understand and process infermation infermation because it allows them to feel because it is a way to support causes or mare invalved in the issues they care about . and events. world WHO IS MORE LIKELY TO SHARE? PREFERRED SHANG PLATFORM ALTRUISTS Email IDENTIFYING TRAITS Halplul Relable C-O Thoughtful ALTRUISTS Connected Ne 1 PRerRED SHARNG PLATROR (in in Email- Linkedn CAREERISTS IDENTIFYING TRAITS Valuable epeligent CAREERISTS Looking te Netuork N 으 2 HIPSTERS PREFERRD SARING PLATTORM Twitter IDENTIFYING TRAITS Yeung Populer Creative Less Likely to Email HIPSTERS No 3 BOOMERANGS PREFERRED SHARING PLATRORM IDENTIFTING TRAITS Fecbook Empowered Seeking Vaidatien Loeking fer Reaction BOOMERANGS No 4 f. PREFERRED SARING PLASFORM Enal Facehook CONNECTORS IDENTIFYING TRAITS Relaed Creative CONNECTORS 12 Seeking te Make Plans Thougheful No 5 PRrERED SHARNG SELECTIVES IDENTIFYING TRAITS Enal Resourceful Thoughtfu SELECTIVES No 6 Carefl Infermative The consumers' motivation to connect with others is likely driving your marketing campaign. The winning formula for getting your subscribers to share the message with others is to appeal to their desire to share valuable and interesting information. If the content is informative and appeals to your subscriber, they will share your campaign. SOURCE litmus NYTMARKETING.WHSITES.NETIMEDIAKIT/POS/

Send It Forward: Get Your Emails Shared

shared by Litmus on Oct 24
A successful email marketing campaign should encourage its subscribers to take some sort of call to action. An even more successful email does that, but more—it persuades the reader to share the mes...



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