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Sell Structured Settlements

SELLINGBUYING STRUCTURED SETTLEMENTS A structured settlement is a financial or insurance WHAT IS A arrangement, defined by Internal Revenue Code as periodic payments; a claimant accepts to resolve a personal injury tort claim or to compromise a statutory periodic payment obligation. STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT? O $100 billion in structured settlements written historically. O $6 billion of new structured settlements written each year. 100 O $900 million sold on the secondary market each year. O Structured Settlement Quotes it the #1 structured settlement marketplace in the US 100 Structured settlements have become part of the statutory tort law of several common law countries including Australia, Canada, England and the United States. WHERE ARE STRUCTURED SETTLEMENTS LEGAL? According to US IRC 104 (a) (2) in bodily injury cases all payments made to the plaintiff are excluded from taxation. Should the injured party choose a lump sum that was tax free and reinvested the money, the interest would then be subject to taxation. Choosing structured settlement payments allows the principal and the interest to be free from taxation. ARE STRUCTURED SETTLEMENTS TAX FREE? Whether you are in the midst of seriously hard times, or just want to upgrade your car, pay off your credit card bills, or send your child to college, your structured settlement could offer the relief you need. These settlements are, in essence, a deferred method of financial payment and can be very beneficial in terms of a solid and predictable monthly income. WHY SHOULD I SELL MY STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT? The sale of your structured settlement now requires a court in your state to review the agreement you eventually reach with a buyer, and prepare an order approving the sale; these rules are intended to protect you from being deceived or entering into a deal which is not in your best financial interest. COURT DOES A COURT NEED TO REVIEW MY STRUCTURED 100 SETTLEMENT? DO I HAVE TO SELL MY STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT LOCALLY OR IN STATE? The purchaser need not be local. Everything can be handled via phone, fax and e-mail. Thus, you have access to a nationwide pool of note buyers, many of which are the best the business. You should have on hand a completed copy of the application, the annuity policy documents, the extended release or the settlement agreement, a recent copy of the annuity check or stub, your tax return, two identification cards (one must have a photo), marriage license if applicable, divorce decree if applicable, a copy of the Will and Probate document if applicable, and copies of any assignment, revisions, and other papers that are related to the structured settlement annuity. WHAT SHOULD I HAVE TO SELL MY STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT? WHO SHOULD I CONTACT TO SELL MY We reccomend logging onto tto receive your free quote for your structured settlement. STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT?

Sell Structured Settlements

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