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Security Clearance Process

STEP-BY-STEP SECURITY CLEARANCE PROCESS Companies interested in hiring candidates for some security-cleared positions have to wait out an often lengthy background check and approval process. What can employers do to shrink that period? A Dice Service ADJUDICATIVE INVESTIGATIVE PHASE: 44 DAYS FEDERALLY MANDATED TIMELINE PHASE: 20 DAYS INITIATION PHASE: 180 DAYS APPLICATION PROCESS : 90 DAYS REVIEW PROCESS: Adjudication agency conducts a background check, reviewing applicant's credit, past employers, schools, references, records with local law enforcement Adjudication agency reviews background check and determines if a candidate should be awarded a security A90 DAYS Employer extends employment offer, contingent on security clearance approval Applicant completes EQIP (electronic version of the SF 86) Employer initiates an investigation via JCAVS Facility Security Officer or company representative reviews eQIP. Either approves and passes on to DISCO or rejects and requests more information from applicant. Employer provides potential hire SF 86 Applicant gathers information required on SF 86 clearance. agencies and whatever else is required. O00000 THAT ADDS UP TO 244 DAYS. WHAT IT ALL MEANS – GLOSSARY OF TERMS 7 DAYS 10 DAYS 20 DAYS 15 DAYS HOW CAN COMPANIES Give the candidate Give the candidate Give the candidate Give FSO 15 FSO: Facility Security Officer. The FSO is responsible for maintaining the security of a facility, including the screening and hiring of security-cleared employees. SF 86: Standard Form 86 10 days to sign in to eQIP and initiate application. days to review the EQIP. EQIP: Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing. Online versions of OPM Standard Forms, including the SF 86. one week to gather information on SF 20 days to complete the eQIP. is a questionnaire for National Security Positions. The form is used as the basis for an investigation to determine a person's eligibility for a security clearance. SPEED UP THE PROCESS TO 86. GET QUALIFIED PEOPLE WORKING SOONER? The answer is by making the initiation phase shorter and more efficient. With tighter deadlines, that phase can drop from 180 at the most to less than 52. DISCO: Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office. Component of DSS that processes, 2004. This act requires that adjudicates and grants security clearances for contractors under the National Industrial Security Program (NISP). IRTPA: Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of JCAVS: Joint Clearance Access Verification System. A subsystem of the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS), the JCAVS is the platform the Facility Security Officer uses to initiate the investigation and review the eQIP. adjudication agencies decide on 90% of applications within 60 days from receiving an application for clearance. Pertains to 90% of security clearances requested through the OPM. Higher level clearances may take longer to investigate and adjudicate. Sources:, U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs report from June 21, 2012

Security Clearance Process

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Step-by-step security clearance process infographic illustrates what takes place during the initiation, investigative and adjudicative phase; and provides a glossary of terms related to the security c...


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