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The Science of Sharing

AN INSIDE LOOK AT THE SOCIAL CONSUMER Introducing the new social consumer. To better understand them, we asked 1,500 US consumers about the two products and services they had most recently researched online and how they went about it. Today's social consumer is one that can either be categorized as a high or low sharer, who utilizes various digital channels differently depending on whether he or she is researching and interacting with high or low involvement products. High sharers prove to be the most valuable to brands as they recommend products 3x more often and influence others' purchases. -THE SCIENCE OF SHARING INTRODUCING THE O SOCIAL CONSUMER ? 53% 40% 20% 42% 33% liked a product on Facebook use Facebook to research wrote an online post about a product or a brand use Facebook to interact wrote a product review online with a brand products at least once a week LOW vs HIGH INVOLVEMENT PROD UCTS * LOW 1OI VS HIGH LESS FREQUENTLY PURCHASED BOUGHT MORE FREQUENTLY MORE COMPLEX LESS COSTLY EXPENSIVE IN NATURE USUALLY BOUGHT WITH A MINIMUM AMOUNT OF THOUGHT REQUIRING MORE TIME AND AND EFFORT EFFORT IN THE RESEARCH PHASE HIGH SH ARERS ARE 3X MORE LIKELY TO RECOMMEND A PROD UCT YOUNGER OLDER RESEARCH RESEARCH LOW HIGH INVOLVEMENT INVOLVEMENT PRODUCTS PRODUCTS VS HIGH CARE MORE RECOMMEND ABOUT QUALITY> PRODUCTS LOW THAN BRAND IMAGE SHARERS SHARERS 20% OF ONLINE CONSUMERS 80% OF ONLINE CONSUMERS OPEN TO BRAND LOYAL CHANGE BRANDS OWN MORE LIKELY MULTIPLE TO PURCHASE INTERNET RESEARCHED DEVICES PRODUCTS WHAT INFLUENCES THE SOCIAL CONSUMER? EARNED OWNED SEARCH RATINGS AND REVIEW SITES BRAND WEBSITE PAID SEARCH NEWS ARTICLES TWITTER ORGANI C SEARCH WORD OF MOUTH FACEBOOK BLOG POSTS YOUTUBE VIDEOS EARNED CHANNELS OWNED CHANNELS SEARCH CHANNELS BABY BEAUTY ELECTRONICS MUSIC PERSONAL RESTAURANTS TRAVEL FINANCE INFLUENTIAL ONLINE CHANNELS facebook. You Tube REVIEW SITES HAS THE HAS THE HAVE THE MOST MOST MOST INFLUENCE ON INFLUENCE ON INFLUENCE ON BABY BRANDS MUSIC BRANDS I ELECTRONIC BRANDS TOP5 BOTTOM 5 SEARCH RESULTS TWITTER BRAND WEBSITE FOURSQUARE RATINGS & REVIEW SITES WIKIPEDIA NEWS ARTICLES BLOG POSTS ONLINE ADS FACEBOOK COMMENTS ACTIONS TAKEN AFTER ONLINE INTERACTION 31% prompted to purchase 20% prompted to recommend 3% changed impression increased 8% awareness OPEN 9% encouraged to visit take no 26% action 3% encouraged to contact CONCLUSION All digital channels play a role in a brand's marketing strategy; looking at the channel your social consumer is most influenced by will lead to an increase in your digital return on investment. With search acting as the gateway to influence on today's consumer, creative content creation is essential within earned and owned media channels to boost a brand's organic search relevancy. By identifying and engaging high sharers in the most effective digital location with sharable content, marketers can increase the dynamic of sharing, which acts as a positive amplifier leading towards a virtuous cycle of recommendation, loyalty and purchase. STUDY CONDUCTED BY: beyond MBOOTH rethinking digital A COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY HÐIH CHANNEL INFLUENCE MOT

The Science of Sharing

shared by joanndelanoy on Nov 14
This infographic represents data from a research study by Beyond and M Booth. The science of sharing gives an inside look at the social consumer: who they are, where they are, what they do and what ch...




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