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The SBA Woman-Owned Small Business Program, Decoded

GovWin The SBA 8(m) Woman-Owned Small Business Program Decoded A Deltek Network Helping government contractors win new business every day Are you eligible for the new woman-owned small business (WOSB) set-asides? This new program creates set-asides for WOSBS to compete against only other WOSBS and EDWOSBS on manufacturing contracts up to $5 million and other contracts up to $3 million. 1. Are you a small business as defined by SBA standards for your industry? Requirements for WOSB and EDWOSB Set-Asides 83 NAICS Codes for WOSB Set-Aside Program Contracting officers may set aside contracts for WOSBS and EDWOSBS if they meet the following criteria: Yes No You are not eligible. Consider teaming with a small business EDWOSB Set-Aside Competition may be restricted to Competition may be restricted to WOSB Set-Aside Prime. Industries 38 NAICS 45 NAICS The NAICS code assigned to the solicitation is an industry in which WOSBS are substantially underrepresented. The NAICS code assigned to the solicitation is an industry in which WOSBS are underrepresented. ALL CERTIFIED ndargoresented industries CERTIFIED 2. Are you a woman-owned small business? v (See WOSB Eligibility below) WOSBS EDWOSBS Rule of two Contracting officer has reasonable expectation that 2 or more WOSBS will submit an offer Contracting officer has reasonable expectation that 2 or more EDWOSBS will submit an offer *Note Not all WOSBS are EDWOSBS Yes No You are not eligible. Consider researching other programs at the SBA. *Note Al EDOSES are WOses Award price Anticipated award price including options does not exceed the statutory thresholds of $5M for manufacturing Fact: Due to the greater overall dispatity, non-economically disadvantaged WOSBS can compete for work in "substantially underreptesented industries. or $3M for other contracts. Contract can be awarded at fair market price. The progran identles 3a North Anelican Induny Classificaion Systam NAICS codn for induntties in whdwOSRs re sebstantially underrapresented Theprogram idertifes4s Nortm Americanindustry Oasification NRICS) codes tor induties in whichWos reunderreprasented 3. Does your business primarily function in one of the listed 83 NAICS codes for the 8(m) program? 1. 237-LandSubdvan 2 153 Gt and Sew Apparel Manufactuting A szat -Ferting nd Beted Support Adities 4 329. Other Chemical Produc and Preparation Manufactuing S 1328 Cating Engraving Heat Treting and Alied Activties A 3329. Other Fabricated Metal Product Menufactuing 31 - Householid and nsttutional Fumiture and Kachen Cabine I 2213 Water Sewage ondi Other Systems 2. 2361 Resdeta uldng Constrution 3 2371 Ubiky Syrtem CondIuction 4 1161 -Foundation Strudurand ilding Exterisr Contracton 32382-Butdngiqupment Contracters 6 213 Bulangfinishing Contradtors 7 2359-Other Speciaty Trate Contractors E 3149 Other Textle Product Wls S 915-Appad Accessories and Oner Apperd Mrutadng 10 1210 C erWood Prodat Marfading 11. S222- Conertedifeper Product Merutactng 12. 121 Forgngandanpng 13. 1323 ArdtitectulandStutu Metals Manutacturng 14. 3324 Doler, Tan and Shipping Contaner Manufading 15. 3333- Cormmeroal andServke Induitry Machnety Maruacturing 14 142 Cormmutionskqupment Meradurng 17. 1345- Naigasonal, Mering tiadronedialnd Gontrol instruments 18. 46- Mendaturing nd Reproducinaagreticand Optical eds 19 3353- Hectrical pmrt Menutaduring 20 1359- Other tlectrical Equpment and Conponent Menufecuing 21. 3369- Other Tranportation Equiomantanufacturing 23. 484 Seeciaked Fetght Truckna 31. 4a1 - Support Acibas fer Ar Tranpotation 34. 44- Sure ort Aivtar fer Readanspotation 25. 4885- Fieight TraniouttonArrangement 26 5121 Motion Picure and Video industries 27. 5311-Lesors of Real Estata 21. 5413- Archinectura, Engineertnaand Relaned Services 29 5414-Speciakied Design Services 30 415- Computer Syrtems Denign and Relsted Services 31. 5416- Maragame, Sotinc ndTadhical Canuting Services 33. 5419 Other Professond Sciercand Techcal Servies 32. 5611 Omce Adminitratie Services 34. 5612-facities uppert Senion 35. 3614 Busress upport e Percentage Set Aside for WOSBS WOSB Market Value Yes No You are not eligible for this specific set-aside program proceed as normal. Mandatunng 600 S 1372- Offic Fumit.r ckudingFite) afatuing * 13 Madical Equiomert andsupples Manufaduring 10, 48. Gene reigt Tuckng 11 4889-Other Support Aivitiesfor Trarsportation 12. 431-Waahousing and Stoo 11. S111-Newsoper, Penodical losk, and Drectory Publshers 14. S112-SoftweePubieen 15. S171 Wred Telecomemunications Camies 16. S172 Wreless Takecommunications Cariarsercept Satelite 17. S170 Oher Telecommnications 18. SIE7- Data Procsing, Hoting and Relted Satias 19. S191-Oterinformati on Servi cer 20 s212-Dkesof Bl Ftte Acarts andkrokers 21. 534 Commecial endlndusta Mechenery andEqupment Rental 5.0% S560 billion sor 4. Are you considered economically disadvantaged? v (See EDWOSB Eligibility below) 3.4% 400 24% Yes No Your industry must fall within the 45 NAICS + If you are not eligible as an EDWOSB, your industry must fall within the 38 NAICS 22. 5411 Legal Seros 22. S117- Accourting Ta Prepartion ookleeping ndPyrol Services 24. 5417-ScierticReteh an Derelopment Servicer 4. 5418 Adveting ic Relabons and Related Services 26 5615-Travel Awarcement and Reservation Seroes 27. 5619- Coer Supe art Senices 200 codes determined to be "underrepresented. codes determined to be 100 "substantially underrepresented." S28 billion 28. 5621-Waa Collection 20 5622 Wate Treatment edDapcsai a e14-kuirec Schodeand Computerand Managemart Trining 3. 6115-Tedhncal and Trade Schools 32. 6117-Edcational SucportServkan 33. 64 Conmunity Feod and Hoingandinerono nd Other 1998 2008 2012 WOSB Other S28 billon proerini $5 blkon S18 billon You will need to digitize your corporate documents, certify yourself as a WOSB in CCR and ORCA and obtain an account for SBA's General Login System. ait Sanicar *3-Vocationel Rehabilnsian Services onnodann Develueern C na hecsionloupnent lepair andrterance a at io s Polesond Labo Ptical and Sme Orgntens Fact: The goal of the program is to level the playing field for WOSBS to compete for and win federal contracts. Fact: The federal government has a goal of awarding 5% of its Prime contracting dollars to a WOSB. Source: SBA briefing for federal procutemenit workers. Jan 2011 40 6218.Ce Aetulater Heath CwSerioes 41 ns.henendent Artets. Wters andFerforme 47. 772: Seeralfoad Servies 41. 811t- Automatike Repair and Mantenance 44. 113- Comnerdal andledutrial Madinery and Eupnant (capt Au » WOSB Eligibility Ausomotive 1. Size: Must be small according to the SBA size standards. 2. Ownership: Must be at least 51% directly or unconditionally owned by a woman or women. 3. Citizenship: Majority owner or owners must be U.S. citizens. 4. Management: Control and day-to-day management must be in the hands of a woman or women. nd flectrorid Repar andMairternene 45. S114 - Penar and Hiehold Good Apsir and Marterarce 3 in 10 Privately-Owned Firms are Woman-Owned Q: Can you be both an 8(a) and 8(m) designated company? A: Yes, because they are two completely different programs. : Fact: Enterprising women are expected to create 5.5 million jobs between 2008 and 2018. Source: SBA, Washington Metropolitan Area Distict Office briefing • EDWOSB Eligibility All of the above PLUS: 1. Personal net worth: < $750,000 2. Average Annual Income: < $350,000 3. Total Assets: < $6,000,000 (including primary residence and 8(a) = SDB: Small Disadvantaged Business 8(m) = WOSB: Woman-Owned Small Business Technically, you can be both, but they are totally unrelated. business) Fact: WOSB is pronounced wahb": EDWOSB is pronounced ed wahb (the s is silent). Sources:; RAND report, "The Utilization of Women-Owned Small Businesses in Federal Contracting" More Info:

The SBA Woman-Owned Small Business Program, Decoded

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To clear up some of the confusion, we created an infographic which prints out very nicely to 11"x17" (ledger size), featuring some background on the Woman-Owned Small Business set-aside program, as we...




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