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Saving Energy and Money with Home Automation

HOME AUTOMATION YOUR GUIDEBOOK TO A GROWING TREND Safety, Security, Savings..Peace of Mind Home automation provides the luxury of keeping tabs on your home at all times. You can remotely monitor your. lights STATUS: ON - DIMMED 50% Thermostal STATUS: 65 Security STATUS: SYSTEM ON Garage STATUS: CLOSED Locks STATUS: LOCKED .any time, anywhere, with almost any device. Benefits include savings & convenience lighting Save energy & money by dimming or turning off lights while you're away. h A single bulb can last 2.28 years when dimmed at 50%. That's 20x longer than normal. Security Rest assured by checking in on kids & pets while you're away from home. Monitor your home while you're away from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Garage Can't remember if you closed your garage door? Just check your phone when you arrive at work. Control your garage door from practically any location. Thermostat up 56ge, heating and cooling makes of your energy bill. On Remotely control your thermostats while away to ensure heating & cooling costs stay low. 56% Heing Take control by adjusting the temperature in your house while away. Locks Forget to lock the front door? Do it remotely. Lock your keys in the house? Easy fix. Need to let a neighbor in? No problem. Monitor & control locks on every exterior door of your home. On average, 20% people with home automation receive home insurance savings of: This equates to an extra $1,154 year AMS or $3.16 day 14iziTE (that's a free cup of gourmet coffee every day) The average household energy bill is Average monthly energy bill broken down by category Appliances, Electronics, Other $110 month each 15% 15% Lighting (or $1,320 per year) Heating & Cooling Water heating 14% 56% But with home automation savings of 15%, you'd save each month Average monthly bill: $110 $16.50 $16.50 $15.40 (or $198 per year) Same bill with home automation: $93 $52.36 $14.02 $14.02 $13.09 With monthly energy and insurance savings combined, that is a total of $1,352 back in your pocket, annually. Unsurprisingly, home automation is becoming an increasingly growing trend. Last year, 1.8 MIL systems were installed This # is expected to grow to 12 MIL Earliest adopters of home automation by 2016 Earlier Later Plus, the global home automation & control system market is estimated to grow from $17 Million in previous years $36 Million to in 2016 A trend in search interest for "home automation systems" is also on the rise. 2009 2010 2011 2012 Actual interest over time How to automate your home in 3 easy steps 1 2 Check & Evaluate Check your current security system for compatability. Is it a cellular-based monitoring system? Next, determine what you'd like to automate, how you'll control it, and what you'll receive notifications about. Consider & Count Consider what areas and items you'd like to control. Count these items and tally them up. Items include: plugged in devices, thermostat zones, entry/exit points, and areas you'd like to view remotely. Connect Get in touch with a home automation specialist. They'll help create a home automation plan that suits your lifestyle. There are plenty to choose from. Safety, Security, Savings..Peace of Mind Fibaro Z Wave Shop ER

Saving Energy and Money with Home Automation

shared by ronweasley on Nov 05
With the installation of home automation system, you can optimize lighting level efficiency, cut heating and cooling energy costs and deactivate energy-consuming devices and appliances even when no one is home.


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