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Santiago – ‘Chilecon Valley’, a new Startup Haven

Santiago Chilecon Valley', a new startup haven Between the Andes mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to | the west, Chile has been able to establish itself as a global player in innovation and technology and has successfully managed to lure foreign talents to what is now known as the Chilecon Valley. Chile Perceived opportunities (% among population - GEM) WEF 5.7% 34th 419 31% in the world 65% 43% Average annual growth of services in Global startups on Angel list Chile USA Europe Competitiveness economy Index 42 000 millionaires 6M in Santiago 17.46M in Chile Spanish + 12 000 since 2011 37.6% of population aged below 24 43% of active population con- sider setting its own business 70% of respondents consider becoming an entrepreneur a desir- able career choice 28% people fear to fail if setting a busi- ness (against 39% in European Union) MARKET 24 $11039 per year Median or average revenue per person For every 100 Chileans. FINANCING Economic growth in 2013 11 4.70% Stock of Direct Foreign $8.2B have investment - at home smartphones -0.2% Chile EU 1401 17 Percentage market cap (as part of GDP) Investors on AngelList are subscribed to mobile broadband 116% 50% 125th worldwide services Chile EU Venture Capital attractiveness index (best in Latin Americal 59 46th World ranking World ranking for infrastruc- tures (WEF) 42th rank are online $129M for Technolo- gy readiness (WEF) rank Capital invested into Chilean startups in 2013 Top 3 trends in the tech market $1.5B in f E-coommerce market size Chile ranks 5th in the $37M world in terms of social media usage Chileans spend 8.7 hours per day on social media (3.3 hours more than the world average) Online Ad market size Smartphone Cleantech Apps Social 1.83M Gaming Smartphone users WHO TO FOLLOW Chilean Entrepreneurs LOCAL CONTEXT High-Technology exports Media attention for entrepreneurship % of existing media Sebastián Valin $510M David Assael Co-Founder Archdaily @davod Founder of ComparaOnline @sebastianvalin x4.6 66% 50% $110M Chile European Union 2002 2011 Nico Orellana Leo Prieto Founder of Betazeta Founder of Welcu @leoprieto rank 22nd 37 42nd @norellana best country in the world Worldwide for Higher education Entrepreneurial and training ranking (WEF) Chilean Startups to start a Culture and Deal gaplaceit business 3 major co-working spaces Urban Station Chile XYZ Coworking & Whatever 6 major accelerators Start-Up Chile Magical Startups IncubaUC BombaCamp CORFO (Incubator Pgm) Real-Time Estate Market Edoore. $ 34,068 per year for a designer (salary) Education Social Network Socialab Totus Power Batteries to power classrooms Success story seedstarsworld Opening an office disrupt the LATAM's in Brazil as part of its expansion Sources: Global Competitiveness Index (WEF) WorldBank - Bloomberg Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report 2013 Raised $15M to insurance market Global Innovation Index 2013 CCK, April, 2013

Santiago – ‘Chilecon Valley’, a new Startup Haven

shared by SSW on Jan 13
Where is the next startup Eldorado? Well placed in the internet revolution, Chile ranks 5th in the world in terms of social network usage. There are plenty of opportunities to start a new business in ...


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