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San Francisco vs. Silicon Valley: Where Should You Build Your Business?

THE SCIENCE OF STARTUPS There are many factors to consider when you're getting your startup off the ground. Here's a guide to the people, places, and Where Should You Launch Your Business: spaces of California's startup hot bed, San Francisco or Silicon Valley? YOUR PEDPLE Where are engineers being placed, and how much are they paid? Number of Engineering Placements by Riviera Average Employee Compensation Population Partners SAN FRANCISCO: $112,318 SAN FRANCISCO 805,235 SAN MATEO: $118,143 O 91 REDWOOD CITY: $113,000 MENLO PARK: $110,000 PALO ALTO: $117,348 MOUNTAIN VIEW: $131,923 SAN JOSE: $118,143 SAN MATEO O 97.207 59.9% O 76,815 of engineer placements occur in San Francisco". REDWOOO CITY PALO ALT0 O 64,403 23 San Francisco's Average employee compensation: $112,318 Annual engineer placement": O 32,026 MENLO PARK 91 Silicon Valley's Average Employee Compensation: O 74,066 $118,092 MOUNTAIN VIEW O 13 Annual engineer placement:" O 945,942 SAN JOSE 52 *Based on Riviera Partners' 2011 placement data YOUR PLACE What locations are seeing the greatest amount of investment, and who would be your neighbors? Q4 deals in 2011 2011 Q4 total funding, in millions A $818 M SAN FRANCISCO A 80 TWITTER SQUARE SALESFORCE TRUEVENTURES AIRBNB GETAROUND DROPBOX KLOUT 42FLOORS BENCHMARK A $313 M A $85 M A 12 EVERNOTE SAN MATEO MARKETO ORACLE SV SF CONVIVA PERFECT WORLD Gtty STORM 8 ELECTRONIC ARTS REOWOOD CITY/ A $119 M REOWOOD SHORES RUSH CARD In 2011 Silicon Valley received $1,525 million A 13 A $529 M FACEBOOK PALO ALTO 29 from Q4 funding, while San Francisco received approximately SEQUOIA PALANTIR GREYLOCK $818 million. PINTEREST INSTITUTIONAL VENTURE PARTNERS ACCEL PARTNERS QUORA ANDREESSEN HOROWITZ FLIPBOARD BENCHMARK MENLO PARK SHOPKICK DRAPER FISHER SAN JOSE A $355 M JURVETSON FLOODGATE 12 MATRIX VENTURES NEA ADOBE MENLO VENTURES CISCO EVERYME MOUNTAIN VIEW НР A $124 M IBM A 15 EBAY GOOGLE LINKEDIN MICROSOFT 500 STARTUPS Y COMBINATOR MOZILLA YOUR SPACE How much would you pay for office space, and what's it like getting around the area? Rental Rates Per Square Foot Per Month Overall Vacancy Caltrain Bullet Trains SAN FRANCISCO: 22 • $3.55 SAN MATEO: 6 SAN FRANCISCO 11.4% REDWOOD CITY: 12 WALKABILITY SCORE: 85/100 MENLO PARK: 6 PA DOWNTOWN: 16 San Francisco offers PA STANFORD PARK: 0 22 bullet trains, MOUNTAIN VIEW: 16 while Silicon Valley cities, on average, offer 7 bullet trains. SAN JOSE: 22 • $2.41 14.1% SAN MATED WALKABILITY SCORE: 67/100 $2.65 12.3% WALKABILITY SCORE: 62/100 • $5.78 REDWOO0 CITY 2.2% WALKABILITY PA DOWNTOWN SCORE: 87/100 PA STANFORD PARK • $4.81 5.7% WALKABILITY • $5.21 7.6% MENLO PARK SCORE: 63/100 SAN JOSE $2.21 WALKABILITY • 26.1% SCORE: 62/100 WALKABILITY SCORE: 55/100 • $2.92 MOUNTAIN VIEW 2.6% WALKABILITY SCORE: 66/100 YOUR STARTUP! As with any good decision-making process, you're going to need a pro/con list. FF Famous For.. Positives Negatives THE CREAMERY, MAYOR ED LEE, SALESFORCE, TWITTER TAX BREAKS, SOMA SAN FRANCISCO ACCESS TO ALL BAY AREA TALENT, EXCITING NEIGHBORHOODS. GREAT AMENITIES, GREATER NUMBER OF CREATIVE OFFICE SPACES, SF.CITI(): LONG COMMUTE FOR SOUTH ACCESS TO BART AND CALTRAIN BAY TALENT, MORE COMPETITION FOR TALENT, RISING RENTS, HIGH BUSINESS COST ACCESS TO BOTH SF AND PENINSULA/SOUTH BAY, CHEAP RENTS, GOOD DOWNTOWN AMENITIES, SMALLER CLUSTER OF STARTUPS, SMALL DOWNTOWN. REDWOOD SHORES SMALLER CLUSTER OF STARTUPS, LOW AMENITIES, LESS ACCESS TO PUBLIC FF NAPSTER, TOM BRADY, ORACLE, ELECTRONIC ARTS TRANSPORTATION MID-PENINSULA GREAT AMENITIES, SMALL BUT VIBRANT COMMUNITY РА ООЫNTOWN FF SAND HILL ROAD, BUCK'S (WOODSIDE). DUTCH GOOSE FF FACEBOOK, COUPA CAFÉ. VERY HIGH RENTS, VERY STANFORD LOW VACANCY + CLOSE TO VCS, FREQUENT BULLET TRAINS MOUNTAIN VIEW DOWNTOWN LESS EXCITING THAN PA OF SF FF GOOGLE, NASA STRONG DOWNTOWN, FAMOUS MENLO PARK INCUBATORS, FREE-WIFI TOUGH COMPETITION FOR PA STANFORD PARK TALENT, COMMUTE FOR SF FF HEWLETT-PACKARD CHEAPER RENTS, ACCESS RESIDENTS, RISING RENTS TO FREEWAYS FEWER CREATIVE OFFICES, LOW AMENITIES, BAD PUBLIC FF ADOBE, SJ SHARKS TRANSPORTATION SAN JOSE LARGE POPULATION, CHEAP RENTS LOW NUMBER OF STARTUPS. LONG COMMUTE TO SF BROUGHT TO YOU BY IN PARTNERSHIP WWITH CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD. Riviera Created by COLUMN FIVE PARTNERS Hand siedent for echneley innevatas Global Real Estate Solutions" Get in touch:

San Francisco vs. Silicon Valley: Where Should You Build Your Business?

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There are many factors to consider when you're getting your startup off the ground. Here's a guide to the people, places, and spaces of California's startup hot bed.


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