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Sales vs. Marketing: The Original Game of Thrones

SALES AND MARKETING: THE ORIGINAL GAME OF THRONES Sales and marketing alignment is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today. With different methods, priorities, tools, and metrics, sales and marketing have been competing for the business generation throne for years. Let's take a look at the battle between these two departments and how they might finally find peace. RIVAL HOUSES PEACEFUL HOUSES House House House House IT HR SALES MARKETING House FINANCE MOTTO: MOTTO "DID YOU TRY "IT'S TIME FOR RESTARTING?" YOUR REVIEW!" MOTTO: Мотто: MOTTO "THE LEADS ARE COMING" "ALWAYS BE "YOU CAN'T CLOSING EXPENSE THAT" In the modern business environment, sales and marketing stand apart from other departments. Both are eager for recognition and fierce when it comes to defending their territory. Sales and marketing certainly aren't the only players in the game. Additional houses occasionally compete for power and recognition (and budget!), but are usually more peaceful. TERRITORIES Like most great battles, the fight between sales and marketing is about territory. Each group is looking to protect their own turf and claim new areas for their own. MAJOR BATTLES SEO THE BATTLE OF THE BATTLE OF THE BATTLE OF REPORTING LEAD GRADING NURTURING Who is in charge of deciding which leads are a good fit? Who is in charge of nurturing leads to a sales-ready state? Once a deal has closed, CONTENT MARKETING how do you decide where to give credit? EVENTS/ CONFERENCE REPORTING LEAD MANAGEMENT COMPUTER PROBLEMS |LEAD DEMOS NURTURING BENEFITS COLD CALLING EXPENSE REPORTS SALES SOLDIERS Let's take a look at what drives a member of the sales team. MOTIVATION: PROBLEM WITH MARKETING Sales reps are looking to close deals, plain and simple. They “Marketing keeps sending me leads that aren't ready to buy! It wastes my time." want leads and more of them! COLD LEADS BATTLE CRY: "The leads I get from E) marketing aren't always a good fit for our company's product." "Let me tell you a little bit about our product!" BAD FITS $ WEAPONS: "When I close a sale, they try to attribute it to marketing! They're taking my credit." in LinkedIn M Email Phone 24 CRM TAKING CREDIT MARKETING SOLDIERS Let's take a look at what drives a member of the marketing team. MOTIVATION: PROBLEM WITH SALES Marketers want to drive more "I keep sending sales solid leads, but they never put the effort into educating them." leads and show the value of their marketing campaigns. MISSED OPS BATTLE CRY: "I feel like I am sending "We had a great click-through rate on last week's campaign!" good leads to sales, but they always prefer their own leads." LEAD BIAS FAVORITE TOOLS: "When sales closes a Twitter M Email marketing lead, it's almost impossible to get credit for it." Analytics Adwords TAKING CREDIT BROKERING PEACE WITH AUTOMATION Despite their differing priorities and motivations, there is hope for peace between these two departments. With features like lead nurturing, automatic lead scoring and grading, and accurate ROI reporting, automation has the power to finally align sales and marketing to create one cohesive, powerful team. LEAD GRADING LEAD NURTURING ROI REPORTING OPEN" Marketing and sales can develop a definition for the perfect lead together and have Using drip marketing to nurture your leads allows you to free up valuable marketing and sales resources- without neglecting Finally calculate marketing ROI with certainty. Track your individual closed leads back to marketing automation grade incoming prospects by how the campaign that first created your prospects. Keep in touch with prospects who are not yet them to determine true campaign ROI. Calculate individual campaign costs at well they fit your criteria. This gives you the ability to prioritize and qualify leads while building ready to purchase, providing valuable content and any time and automatically up detailed prospect profiles information to move them have your opportunity data over time. through the sales cycle. sync with your CRM. For more information on how to improve your marketing, visit Pardot an Exact

Sales vs. Marketing: The Original Game of Thrones

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This Sunday will bring the long awaited return of HBO’s acclaimed series Game of Thrones. Avid fans will tune in to see rival houses plot, scheme, and battle for power and position. However, you don...




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