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Safely Keeping Finances in the Cloud

Lucy Keeps Her Diamonds (and Finances) in the Cloud AND SO SHOULD Yyou. where's the safest ploce to store your photographs, documents, and music? Not on hardware that could fail or in a box in your cleset. These days, to ensure you'l have something forever, you putit in the cloud. Why not de the same with your finances? it's secure and eccessibie from anyahere. Cloud finance is on the rise. By 2016, more than 60% of banks worldwide will process the majority of their tronsactions in the cloud. Approximately 90% of global Internet users are already in the claud. 57% 65% of senier finance and technology esecutives believe cloud financial management systems are already replacing on-premise systems orwil reploce them in the nest 2 years, according to a Saugatuck Technology survey. of respandents erganiaations are considering, planning, or esecuting finance systema. BETWEEN 2013 AND 20 a, CLOUD STORAGE TRAFFIC IS ESTIMATED TO GROW AT A COMPOUND ANNUAL RATE OF ROUGHLY s% PER YEAR, ACCORDING TO A CISCO REPORT. Global Cloud Storege Traffie Fereeest 30 25 20 15 10 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 o Cleud storage services will grow, os consumers become more comfortable with and better underetand the value of storing their data online. .and it comes with many benefits. FIRST AND FOREMOST, IT ULTIMATELY COSTS LESS. Cloud computing inherently allows economies of scale. It's there for you when server needs spike and ready with that entra spoce when you dont need . wieh traditional setups, you must own all that space, just in cose you'll need it at some time. Cloud flesibility means lower costs for you and, ultimately, your eustemers. AND, ITS GREENER with the eloud, myriad companies' physical cloud server space is centraliaed, using less power and producing less Co t's good for the Earth and an attractive business qu ality. Is it secure? In reality, the cloud might be more secure than traditional infrastructure. 94% Beyond that, you alreody trust the Internet with your finances and have been doing so for years. of businesses saw security improvements after switching to cloud computing, according to a recent Microsoft survey 80% of individual tax retuma were e-filed in 2012. STORING THE REST OF YOUR FINANCES IN THE CLOUD IS THE OBVIOUS NEXT STEP. DOING SO CAN SAVE YOU WORRY-AND EVEN MONEY. intuit. See neinter I detmten orte I rets Cellertve et wetret Tax Online

Safely Keeping Finances in the Cloud

shared by JDMiller on May 08
Where’s the safest place to store your photographs, documents and music? Not on hardware that could fail or in a box in your closet. These days, to ensure you’ll have something forever, you put it...


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