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Running a Small Business from a Smartphone

RUNNINGA SMALL BUSINESS FROM A SMARTPHONE Roughly a third of American small business owners use smartphones to manage their companies, performing tasks such as banking and customer relationship management. BUT WHICH SMARTPHONE APPS ARE BEST FOR YOU AS A SMALL BUSINESS OWNER? A FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Money management is routinely listed as a primary challenge to small business people across the globe.12) Exciting new iPhone and Android" tools can make handling day-to-day finances a snap. QUICKBOOKS FEATURES Allows you to handle a variety Record sales in a streamlined, effective, manageable manner. Create and email estimates to clients. of financial tasks. Four star rating on iTunes. **** SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Quickbooks is available on iPhone iOS 4.2 or greater. You can run Quickbooks on any Android device. PRICE SUBSCRIPTION PLANS range from FREE TRIAL of Quickbooks is AVAILABLE. $12.95 to $39.95 per month. MINT.COM" FEATURES View your balances and transactions in Automatically updates and sorts all your financial information. one location. has a userbase of 10 million people. Uses 128-bit SSL encryption, the same method used by major banks. Four star rating on iTunes. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Available on iPhone, iPad", Android phones, and Android tablets. PRICE MINT.COM is a on each system. FREE APP OFFICE TIME (10 FEATURES Allows you to easily and effectively manage both your company's time and finances. Timesheets, spreadsheets, projects, and more are all made easy with this one-time payment app. Five star rating on iTunes. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS The core program is available for both Windows Available on the iPhone and iPad. and Mac. PRICE The mobile app costs The core program costs $7.99. $47.00 on either Windows or Mac. FILE STORAGE The days of storing all your business documents on external hard drives or giant servers is coming to an end. New smartphone apps make managing your company's important files simpler than ever before. BOX FEATURES Store all of your company's data online. Use the search function box to quickly and easily find files, no matter how much data you've stored. Access your information from anywhere and manage permissions so your employees can too. Favorite files for offline access. Three star rating on iTunes. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Box is available for iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Windows phones, and many other platforms. PRICE fourteen-day trial AVAILABLE. Many pricing options following the free trial. FREE DROPBOX FEATURES Manage all your company's important photos, O documents, and videos. Save a file to Dropbox O and it saves to your computers, phones, or any other devices; Dropbox itself also stores a copy, should you need it later. + Invite anyone to view and edit your uploads. Four star rating on iTunes. **** SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Available for the iPhone, iPad, kindle fire Android devices, BlackBerry, and Kindle Fire. PRICE Introductory storage accounts are free up to 18GB, and then pricing varies depending on the service required. DOCUMENT EDITING Document editing programs are a must-have for your small business. Without them, sharing any sort of documents efficiently is next to impossible. EVERNOTE® FEATURES Evernote syncs to the cloud, allowing your business to share almost anything between any number of devices and users. All of your company's documents, saved web pages, and shared content can be organized into folders as needed. Minimalist design. With the app's lightweight Web Clipper, you can take snapshots or save audio files and share them with as many or as few employees as needed. Four-and-a-half star rating on iTunes. ***** SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Evernote is available for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Phones. PRICE The app is entirely free with upgrade options down the line should you need them. FREE APP DOCUMENTS TO GO FEATURES A Allows you to fully integrate your Microsoft Office t and PDF files all on your smartphone. Promises 100% format retention across platforms, meaning spreadsheets you edit on the plane will look the same once you open them on your laptop. This 100% retention is due to a groundbreaking piece of smartphone code called "Intact Technology" which secures formatting regardless of platform. Two-and-a-half star rating on iTunes. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Compatible on Mac OS X, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. PRICE Baseline price of Premium upgrade option of $9.99. $16.99. COMMUNICATION In today's ever-advancing technological landscape, sending emails just isn't enough. Fortunately, there are a number of apps available to help guide the way toward more efficient and effective communication. SKYPEM FEATURES Skype To Go numbers offer discounted rates on international calls, the ability not to have to download or install anything to enjoy Skype's services, and the option to call abroad when away from your computer. Send and receive voice or video calls, chat via a simple instant messaging function, and organize all your contacts in one convenient location. Three-and-a-half star rating on iTunes. * SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Available on the iPhone, Android devices, Nokia Symbian, BlackBerry, and many other devices. PRICE Many of Skype's services are free, but there are also "Pay As You Go" and subscription plans available. WEBEX" FEATURES Schedule, attend, and A host meetings with anyone in the world. A Share files and information and collaborate. Pass collaborated files to Share files between someone else present in a meeting with the swipe of a finger. your smartphone and your office no matter where you are. Three star rating on iTunes. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS PRICE Available on iPhone, iPad, Webex is free Android devices, to use. BlackBerry, and other mobile devices. CUSTOMER SUPPORT 81% of consumers agree that small businesses deliver better customer support than their larger corporate counterparts. With the help of smartphone apps, you can increase that percentage to maximize your service potential. DESK.COM"M FEATURES When customers visit your online support center via a smartphone, automatically delivers them smartphone-friendly content. View all your customers in one place. Communicate with ..* customers across a variety of platforms including social networks, phone, email, chat rooms, and discussion boards. Provide 24/7 assistance to customers searching for answers to their pressing questions. Track, respond, and reassign customer service cases while you're on the go. All your customer support data is stored safely and securely in Get real-time alerts of the cloud. customer support cases. Three-and-a-half star rating on iTunes. **** SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS runs on iPhone, Android phones, or any other smartphones that use an HTML5 BROWSER. PRICE Pricing following the trial is completely up to you, depending on how much support you need. of is FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE. GET SATISFACTION MOBILE™M FEATURES i Installing a feedback widget on your website allows your customers to connect to other The app is HTML5 and web-based, so it runs in your phone's browser. customers, your customer service reps, and manufacturer reps.instantly. Customers don't have to download anything to use the app. Since it is web-based, the app has no iTunes or Google Play rating. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS (30) The company plans to release an Android incarnation in late 2012 Get Satisfaction Mobile is currently available on iPhone and iPod Touch. which will accompany the unveiling of a redesigned interface. PRICE (30 SUBSCRIPTION PLANS Free with all paid subscription range from free to I $99 per plans of Get Satisfaction. month. MONETARY TRANSACTIONS Worldwide mobile transactions are expected to reach $171.5 billion in 2012. Savvy small business owners are taking advantage of this boom by implementing exciting new apps in their business practices. SQUARE FEATURES All funds deposited in your Comes with free card reader that plugs directly into your smartphone. bank account the business day following the transaction. Allows you to accept credit card transactions Customers can add tips, I sign receipts, and receive electronic receipts via email or text. from anywhere. Three-and-a-half star rating on iTunes. * *** SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Square Card Reader runs on Apple iPhone with iOS 5.0 and up or Google" Android devices running 2.2 and up. PRICE You can choose to deduct 2.75% from every card swipe or pay The app and the accompanying card reader are FREE. (S) $275 per month for the services. GOOGLE WALLET FEATURES Allows you to store all your credit and debit card information on your phone or computer. You can then pay for $ purchases with your device instead of your cards. This information is also used to deliver promotional offers in-store or online. 2 Three star rating in the Google Play Store. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS PRICE The app requires Android version 2.3.3 and up. Google Wallet is FREE". (1] infographic by SOURCES [2) (3) esk の

Running a Small Business from a Smartphone

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Roughly a third of American small business owners use smartphones to manage their business. With so many apps and tools available, it can be overwhelming. Salesforce has compiled a list of the top Fin...




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